X Max Starry Vaporizer

The X Max Starry vaporizer is truly a wonderful vape. This review will give you a complete guide on everything to do with the X Max Starry. You will not be disappointed if you decide to buy this vaporizer after reading our review.

Official Accessories

Accessories for the X Max offered by the manufacturer include extra mouthpieces and extra batteries. It will take a while before you need replacement mouthpieces. Replacement batteries, though, are very welcome and appreciated offerings. You also receive some great accessories when you buy the X Max Starry kit. So what’s in the box?

* X Max Starry V3 Vaporizer
* 1 18650 battery
* USB charging cable
* 1 mouthpiece screen (metal
* 2 heating chamber screens
* 2 silicon mouthpiece caps
* Cleaning set: cleaning tool, tweezers, and brush

X Max Starry

Material Compatibility

You can use the X Max Starry with wax concentrates as well as some dry herbs.


The Starry’s main body takes a conventional, rectangular shape. What’s exceptional, from a design standpoint, is the swivel feature used for the mouthpiece. I’ve encountered this design before and I dearly love it. The feel is great, and it makes the vaporizer more portable. With the Starry, there’s some added heat resistance because the mouthpiece is made of zirconia. This is a good thing! The Starry is comfortably pocket-sized, with the total height just edging over four inches. The concave shape of the main body does produce a feel of bulkiness, though.

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There’s a digital screen on the Starry making operation — including precise temperature control — a breeze. It’s also easy to load up; the oven has a bevelled edge that makes it hard to spill herb. The magnetic connection of the mouthpiece is another convenient feature. While you’re loading the vape, you can stick the mouthpiece to some other part of the device so that the chances of it going missing are minimal. The magnetic connection is quite strong, though, so there’s little chance of the mouthpiece detaching in your pocket.

The body of the Starry is made of anodized aluminium, which sets it above the other dry herb vapes in its price range. (Plastic is a lot more common than metal in this part of the market.) To top off the quality design principles, making the 18650 battery removable and replaceable is a great choice for extending the life of the vape. You can also buy a second battery and swap between two to cut recharging times down to an absolute minimum.


The Starry’s precision temperature control is its real ‘party piece’ feature. It isn’t unique, of course; lots of vaporizers can do this. Not so many of them are priced under £100, though!

The Starry’s very best feature is the combination of quality materials and smart design principles all offered at a singularly affordable price. It’s very difficult to beat the X Max Starry in terms of value for your money.

X Max Starry

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How It Works

1) Open the herb chamber by moving the mouthpiece.
2) Fill the chamber with your product of choice and replace the mouthpiece.
3) Turn on the vaporizer by pressing the power button for three seconds.
4) Use the control buttons to set your temperature.
5) Wait for the device to vibrate; this indicates heating is complete and the device is ready to vape.

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Cleaning And Maintenance

The Starry’s reputation for usability keeps on going when it comes to maintenance. The cleaning brush included with the device is perfectly suited to keeping the oven and mouthpiece clean. This is best done shortly after your vaping session is complete. The longer the parts cool down, the harder it will be to clean off sticky residue. Isopropyl alcohol can be used to give the chamber a more thorough cleaning. You can also soak the mouthpiece and screens in alcohol to clean them.


That Starry heats up fast. It takes roughly 25 seconds to achieve its lower temperature settings and 35 seconds for the higher ones. The vaporizer could use better temperature insulation; the mouthpiece gets noticeably, perhaps uncomfortably, hot at the higher settings. There’s some warmth detectable from the body at high temperatures, too, but this never reaches the point of discomfort.

X MAX Starry Vaporizer

Vapour Quality

I found the Starry’s vapour quality a surprise — a pleasant one. Cloud size and flavour were truly impressive for a ‘budget’ vape. As usual, clouds and flavour balance each other out depending on what temperature you set. For the best flavour, I recommend a temperature setting between 188°C and 200°C. For the best clouds, set the temperature at 204°C. I wouldn’t recommend going any higher than that, because, with a conduction vaporizer like the Starry, the vapour gets rather harsh rather quickly. (Combustion is a risk at temperatures above 204°C, too.)

The Starry’s temperature range stretches from 100°C to 240°C.

Vapour quality is at its best at the beginning of a session, tapering off steadily as time goes on. There’s minimal draw resistance, making the whole vaping process very comfortable. Draw resistance will increase if you let the mouthpiece get dirty; you have to clean the Starry regularly to get the best possible performance out of it. As noted above, though, all of the basic cleaning tasks for this vape are simple, straightforward, and fast.

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Battery Performance

The battery that comes with the Starry is 2500 mAh. This delivers 80-90 minutes of power, which translates in turn to six to eight vaping sessions. Battery life does vary based on vaping temperature; higher settings will burn through battery power faster than lower ones. Recharging takes about 90 minutes. That’s fairly common for similar vapes; remember that with the Starry you have the option of buying a second battery and swapping immediately to a fresh one instead of waiting for it to recharge.


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