Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The Ultimate Desktop Vaporizer?

Developed by the German firm Storz & Bickel, The Volcano Vaporizer is a cannabis vaporizer which uses a bag system rather than a whip to store vapor.

The Volcano Vaporizer is fast and efficient, and is designed to capture the maximum amount of vapor possible and provide a pleasurable vaporization experience.

Balloon System

One thing I really enjoyed about the Volcano was the ease of use of the bag system. The Volcano uses a patented valve system, which makes attaching and unattaching bags a breeze. On my Extreme Q, the bag system is a bit tricky to setup, and I always end up using a whip attachment, even though I prefer to use bags. The fan on the Volcano is quite powerful, and bags can be filled up relatively quickly with ease. It is recommended that you replace bags after about 80-100 uses, or when they begin to become sticky or tacky. You can easily purchase replacement Volcano bags here.

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Temperature Settings

The Volcano is available with an analog temperature control, or an optional digital display. Although both work just fine, the digital display can allow you to achieve more accurate vaporization temperatures. My Volcano was the digital variety, and I found that it worked great and only took a few minutes to heat up. The vapor produced was very smooth and clean tasting.

The only downside to the Volcano is that it doesn't offer a whip attachment like some other vaporizers do. Although this isn't a problem for some, others prefer to use the whip system (if you do, I suggest taking a look at the Extreme Q). In addition, it is important to clean the Volcano solid valve often, as resin can accumulate and clog the valve.


Although it can be quite quite pricey, the Volcano is the Rolls Royce marijuana vaporizer world. It has an outstanding build quality, and all of the components are built to last. I recommend the Volcano Vaporizer to those who are looking for a high quality bag vaporizer.

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