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The VaporGenie is the first Vaporizer that I’ve ever owned. I purchased it about three years ago online, and was eager to try it after hearing about the numerous benefits of marijuana vaporization compared to smoking.

The VaporGenie uses a standard lighter as a heat source. Therefore, inorder to create a good quality vapor, you must learn to apply the flame in the correct manner. Ideally, the flame should only dip a little bit into the ceramic filter area, but not touch the filter. Repeated contact with flames will cause the ceramic filter to clog and require cleaning.

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The downside to this style is that it has a learning curve, and people new or not as experience with it (such as friends) may burn the bowl or clog the filter. It is also very difficult to use while in any settings with even a slight amount of wind, as the lighter flame will not be very stable. There is also the risk of heating the herb for too long, and it catching fire. In order to prevent this from happening, try not too vaporize the same bowl too many times. I can generally get about 8-10 puffs from high quality herb before the bowl becomes too dry to continue. I like to use standard bic lighters with my VG, but I’ve heard that most butane lighters work quite well (don’t use Zippo lighters with your VaporGenie, it may clog your ceramic filter).

VaporGenie - VaporBlog

Although the VaporGenie comes with a small black mouthpiece, I removed mine about two months after getting the VG. I find that the mouthpiece makes it more difficult to take puffs on the VaporGenie, making it harder to take consistent draws. Without the mouthpiece, I can control the airflow better, and rarely burn a bowl anymore. Since the mouthpiece can easily be reattached, I recommend trying both methods and seeing which one works for you.


Cleaning the Classic VaporGenie can be a little tricky. I like to remove the screen and apply isopropyl alcohol to a pipe cleaner and then clean the insides. Make sure not to get any rubbing alcohol on the wood though, as it will ruin the finish (water and other liquids are also not recommended for use on the wood). It is also important to clean the ceramic filter every now and then, otherwise the VG will become difficult to draw air from. I’ll be posting a guide on how to clean the VaporGenie filter in the near future.


Overall, I really enjoy using the VaporGenie. Although I own a number of vaporizers, I still go back to the VaporGenie when I need portability but want big vapor hits. I feel that the VaporGenie has better vapor production than the MFLB, and an experienced user should be able to get large quantities of vapor from relatively little herb. I also like the wide range of colors and wood styles the classic is available in. The downside however, is that the VaporGenie is nearly impossible to use in windy locations such as fields or ski hills, so if this affects you it may be best to select another style of portable vaporizer.

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