My Series 7 Box
My Series 7 Box

Released just this Spring, the V2 Pro Series 7 (from V2) is a new portable vaporizer which is designed to be a step up from V2’s existing Series 3 Vape Pen which I’ve reviewed in the past, but still utlizes some of the more innovative features from the Series 3 such as the magnetic smart cartridge system which automatically adjusts the unit’s settings depending on which type of cartridge is inserted. My Series 7 arrived in a nicely packaged kit, and once I opened it up I discovered the following items:

  • V2 Series Pro 7 Portable Vaporizer
  • Loose Leaf Cartridge
  • E-Liquid Cartridge
  • USB Charger & Wall Adapter
  • Replacement Loose Leaf Screen
  • Cleaning Tools
The Series 7 Portable Vaporizer

Available in black, blue, and steel (As you see in my photos, I got the black one!), the Series 7 has a sleek form factor with an alloy body, measuring 129mm/5.08 and weighing just 119 grams (4.20oz!) with an empty cartridge inserted. My kit shipped with both the loose leaf and e-liquid cartridges, and I was excited to try the loose leaf one first. Although V2 talks about a wax cartridge on their site, it will only be shipping this winter.

After I inserted the loose leaf cartridge, it was automatically recognized by the Series Pro 7 which then allows you the option of choosing between automatic or manual vaping modes. As the name implies, automatic chooses a preset temperature for you, whereas manual mode gives you three settings that you can operate with (200C, 215C, and 225C), covering a wide range of vaporization temperatures and giving you some choice as to your vaping style. The cartridge has a bowl size of 1300mm^3, giving you ample room for your bud (which I recommend grinding prior to use with the Pro 7!). While heating up the base of the unit glows red and changes to green once the desired temperature has been reached (generally taking 3-4 minutes for me). After reaching the green light, you’ll have 150 seconds (2 1/2 minutes) of continuous puff time until the Pro 7 automatically shuts off. Cleaning the cartridge is easy and can be done using the included tools as well as a q-tip dabbed in alcohol to remove any stubborn buildups of concentrates.

Inside the loose leaf herb chamber
Inside the loose leaf herb chamber

The e-liquid cartridge has an automatic puff cutoff time of 10 seconds, which is more than enough for my puffs. With the e-liquid cart inserted, you have a limited variable voltage option which allows you to choose between operating at 3.7V, 4.2V, and 4.7V. The cartridge can hold 2.5mL of liquid which should last all day if you’re using some potent cannabis e-liquid, however this does bring me to my next point. Although I find that the Series Pro 7 works great with the loose leaf cartridge, I find that the design of the e-liquid cart is much better suited to vaping regular e-cig liquids as opposed to cannabis e-liquids. For vaping cannabis e-liquids I still recommend using a rebuildable atomizer given how viscous the end product tends to be.

The magnetic charge port
The magnetic charge port

The battery life is quite good and has been lasting me for most of the day, but I’m not sure what the capacity is rated for (the Series 3 has 650mAh for reference) since I haven’t seen mention of it anywhere. I’m going to see if I can find out some additional right from V2 this week and I’ll update this post once I do. According to the V2 Website, the Series 7 liquid cartridge should last up to a 1,200 puffs, whereas the wax and loose leaf carts are both rated for 312 puffs. The Series 7 uses a magnetic charging system, and I love this system as I no longer need to worry about accidentally tripping over my charging wire and breaking my vape (the charger just unplugs!) which is definitely a plus. The recharge time generally took a max of two hours for me going from empty (the Series Pro 7 pulses red while charging and turns to solid green when fully charged).

Left: Liquid Cartridge. Right: The Loose Leaf Cart


The small atomizer (located at the top of the liquid cartridge) is less than ideal for cannabis liquids

Overall, I was quite impressed with the Series Pro 7’s combination of innovative features, modular design, and solid vapor production while using the loose leaf cart with potent bud. Although I enjoyed the loose leaf cartridge, I did find the performance with cannabis e-liquids to be lacking, and we’re still a ways off from the wax cart from shipping, so if you’re looking to vape concentrates right now that may be a bit of deal breaker for the time being. Despite only using it for a few days (and thus still need to test reliability further), I found that so far the Series Pro 7 has been proving to be a great portable vaporizer if you’re planning on using it for loose leaf, especially given its price.

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0 thoughts on “V2 Pro Series 7 Portable Vaporizer Review

  1. The V2 Pro Series 7 is a big ripoff. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE BLATANT RIP OFFS.

    I purchased a series 7 a month ago. My main use for this vape is dry leaf. After about a week the leaf cartridge broke. There are two tiny plastic catches on the plastic cap that attach the mouthpiece to the cartridge. They are tiny and fragile. After minimal use, one side will invariably break off.

    The first time it broke (in a week’s time), they told me the carts weren’t under warranty, but they replaced it anyway. The customer service rep at V2 told me he had to replace two of his already. The red flags were up. V2 sent me a “free” replacement cart.

    Here it is a few weeks later and the second cart has malfunctioned in the same exact way. I called V2 and 2 things happened:

    They informed me that I would have to purchase a new cartridge and that mine was an isolated problem. That is an outright lie. The design and manufacture of the cap is flawed. The catches as well as the whole cap are not made of the right materials and are too flimsy to last. Under the constant heat and cooling they simply break.

    They did offer me a discount on a replacement cart, but that would be spending good money after bad. They unabashedly told me I was out of luck.

    They have hoodwinked this reviewer and others on the Internet.

    I will be posting, emailing and complaining about this for as long as V2 refuses to stand behind their product. It was a good idea that is fatally flawed.

  2. TERRIBLE PRODUCT — item fell apart after 3 months of casual use. but even before then vape was SUB-PAR comparing to other similar products w/in same price range: the vapor wasn’t strong enough, 3 strength settings useless, charge does not last long enough, ability to use while charging is a LIE and, worst of all, now that I am trying to contact sales support to get this item fixed and/or replaced THEY DO NOT RESPOND. WASTE OF $150+.

  3. DO NOT BUY V2

    I ordered two cartridges in January, to replace a third I ordered in August. One stopped working within about ten days, and the other just fell apart today.

    So to summarize: the original cartridge didn’t even last 4 months; the second broke after less than 1 month; and now the third is dead after about 2.5 months.

    ALL of these cartridges, even when they were briefly functional, were prone to various levels of leaking. And glycerin is a tough product to clean out of your pockets or off of furniture!

    I legitimately want to enjoy this product, and I love the potential for a 3-in-1 pen. But I absolutely refuse to pay V2 one more cent until it can show that it has rectified these issues.

  4. Just want to make everyone aware that the negative comments posted, are actually all false claims by someone that really hates V2 or by a rival company.

    If you check across multiple reviews for this vape, you will see these same exact copy/pasted negative comments, and the giveaway is a lot of them have different names.

    They are fake, and like the actual professional reviews, the vape is very very good and well worth the price.

  5. Not as good as my aspire.

    Got the series 7 thinking it would be an upgrade from my aspire cfvv pen.

    My aspire works much better.

    Don’t buy the V2 series 7. Learn from my mistake.

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