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Which Version Should You Buy?

The original Volcano Vaporizer was released in 2000 before being renamed as the Volcano Classic in 2007 when the new Volcano Digital version hit the market. 

An essential oil and aromatherapy blend vaporizer, the Volcano increases the effects of the active ingredients of your material by around 75% due to removing toxins and other harmful by-products during the vaporizing process. 

However, you will need to decide whether to opt for the classic design or the more recent digital version as both of these models offer very similar results but are controlled in a different way. 

Vapor Production 

Vapor production is the same in both models and each one emits tasty and consistent vapor due their identical production parts, plus they take the same time to heat-up which is around six minutes when you want to reach the highest temperature. 

It roughly takes 30 seconds to fill a bag using its easy valve system. The easy valve system has been cleverly designed to catch vapor without any waste. The balloon can be removed entirely from the desktop vape when your ready, allowing you to enjoy your beloved vapor at your own pace. You can store your vapor for up to 8 hours before having to be used, perfect for those who like to plan ahead to their next session.

The Volcano Digital comes with a new safety feature and will auto-switch off after 30 seconds. This can be annoying, but is preventable. The Volcano Classic doesn't come with this auto-switch off and will keep going until you decide you've had enough. 

Durability and Size 

Both Volcano vaporizers are very durable as they have no glass or fragile pieces that could break off, and many people have said that their Volcano has lasted for over 10 years without any issues. The only problem we foresee happening with the digital device is that the electronics could fail which would not be a problem with the Classic. 

Volcano Vaporizer - VaporBlog

Both the Classic and the Digital measure 18 x 19 x 2cm which means that they will take up the same amount of desk space and they are actually not too difficult to take to a friend’s house if you wanted to due to their sturdy design. 


The controls are what set these two desktop vaporizers apart as the Digital boasts a set of very precise temperature controls with an electronic thermostat which can keep the temperature to within 2.7ºF of what has been set with the ability to be set as low as 104ºF. 

In comparison, the Volcano Classic’s bimetallic thermostat can keep the temperature accurate to within 9ºF with the lowest point of the temperature range being 266ºF. The Classic’s control feature a knob for altering the temperature and switches to control the power and the fan whereas the Volcano Digital’s controls are all buttons. 

Both models have the same indicator light which will communicate when the device is ready to use. However, the Volcano Digital includes a digital display which shows you all of the temperature information you could possibly need.

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A major difference between the two devices is the price. The Volcano Digital comes in at a higher price point than it's predecessor the Volcano Classic.

The Volcano Vaporizer simply put is an upgraded, slightly more modern version of its older brother. It takes what makes the Volcano Classic so special and tries to improve on it where possible.


If incredible temperature accuracy is top of your wish-list then I would suggest spending the extra money and choosing the Volcano Digit vaporizer. Otherwise, you may find that the Volcano Classic offers what you want at a more appealing price point.

Whichever way you decide to go, I guarantee you will be incredibly happy with the results.

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