Volcano Hybrid Vape

The Volcano HYBRID by Storz & Bickel is the updated version from their popular and well-known desktop vaporizer known as the Volcano. The HYBRID includes all the great features of the Volcano, but with more advanced technology and a few impressive added features.

What Has Changed?

The improved Double Helix-Heat Exchanger ensures a quicker heating time, which will mean that the device is ready for use in just 40 seconds. In addition to the upgraded heating-system, the HYBRID also boasts an improved and new inhalation system, which offers the choice of either using the standard pump, that works great with a balloon, or the user can choose the rotating-whip which provides direct draws.

There is also a customized-app which is available on Android or iOS, allows the user to easily connect to their HYBRID through Bluetooth and provides for a way to tune your vaporizer to the settings that you prefer from either your phone or the device itself.


The Volcano HYBRID comes with an innovative and unique display screen that comes with its own built-in touch buttons, providing you with complete customizable control with the touch of a button. The HYBRID is able to vaporize effectively on heat settings that are lower, for users that prefer a fuller flavour, or on the same maximum setting featured on the predecessor. The HYBRID has a temperature range of 40°C – 230°C (104°F – 446°F), and you are able to choose from either °C or °F from the display.

Shutoff & Vapor Quality

The HYBRID also comes with an alarm that vibrates which you can either turn on or off, a 30-minute shutoff (you can adjust the shutoff time) along with various other features that are all adjustable when using the Smartphone app or from the device. This combination of outstanding features and improvements from the previous version provides you with a superior vapor quality that is expected and well-known from Storz & Bickel.

HYBRID’s Hybrid Heating System

The HYBRID uses convection and conduction heating. When you use the valve-balloon method, the ambient air is drawn inside the device from the air-pump. When you use the tube, the air is pulled inside the device from your own lung force. The air will travel in a spiralling-motion up into the device via the Convection Heater, while air will also travel up into the conduction Heater. The filling chamber will be heated using the principle of conduction. Once the heated air reaches the herbs, the active ingredients vaporize and will be released into either the tube or balloon, where it cools down before the user inhales it.

The Volcano HYBRID also comes with several different accessories to maximize your overall vaping experience.

What Is Inside The Box

– 1 Volcano HYBRID Vaporizer

– 3 Easy Valve Balloons along with a Mouthpiece

– 1 Power Cord

– 1 Easy Valve Balloon along with an Adapter

CBD Village UK

– 1 Tube Kit

– 1 Filling Chamber (cap ring, normal screen-set, drip pad, cleaning brush)

– 1 Instruction Manual

– 1 Herb Mill

Volcano Hybrid Hose


So after reading this im sure you are running out to buy yourself a brand new Volcano HYBRID desktop vaporizer. I know I am! They are incredibly impressive and no doubt blow the Digital and Classic Volcanos out of the water!

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