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Recently, I received word that Pharmacor Technologies (based in Montreal, QC) has just launched their next generation portable herb vaporizer, the Inhalater INH-05. I never had a chance to try the original Inhalater XP (INH-04) (three previous models exist as well, but they weren’t released to the public), but photos of the design intrigued me and I was glad when I was able to obtain one to review here on Vaporblog!

After opening the packing, the first thing that really struck me about the INH-05 was its form factor and weight. Weighing in at only 83 grams, the 05 feels much lighter than any rechargeable portable vape I’ve owned (except possibly the MFLB, which is much more limited feature wise), and it even fits in a breastpocket. The cap on the 05 can be attached to the bottom of the unit while in use, which makes for a very handy storage

The polyamide herb capsule
The polyamide herb capsule

spot for it! I also noticed that the unit dissipates heat very well, and the special heat rings help to keep where you grip the unit cool to the touch. The herb capsules are made with a special aerospace polymer designed for high-heat applications, and they are lightweight and can be prefilled prior to use (a glass option is in the works for glass lovers, but I must say I like the durability of the current capsules while on the go). I also enjoyed prefilling one or two capsules and taking them with me so that I never needed to stop and refill, just swap one capsule for another (I store my capsules in a small ziploc or taped inside a small CVault). You can find out more information about the heat chamber build specifications on the Inhalater website.

Fits in a breast pocket!

Once I loaded a capsule with about 0.3 grams of freshly ground bud (always use ground cannabis for best results!), I placed it into my unit and set the knob to 5.5 to start. After a few minutes the unit fully warmed up and I began to get some very clean tasting vapor which was very enjoyable. The manual contains a conversion guide for the numbers and corresponding temperatures, and I like starting at 5-5.5 and working my way up to 8 (unless I’m using the bong attachment, then I like to crank it up and simulate a real bong rip!). You can get some good clouds of vapor on a higher setting, but keep in mind that doing so is less efficient and you’ll get less hits per bowl. Although I found the standard capsules created hot airflow while running at temperatures above 6.5, the other included capsules with an air hole in their side greatly cooled the vapor and made high temperature vaping a great experience. Pharmacor is also working on an adjustable airflow capsule, and from what I’ve seen it has been shaping up to be pretty awesome (close it fully and attach it to a bong for huge rips, or open it partially while on the go for cooler temps). You can also use concentrates in the unit, but make sure that you sandwich your concentrates in between some loose leaf bud first (to prevent any concentrates from sticking to the screens)

The silver INH-05

The battery takes several hours to charge, and is a user replaceable 18650 battery (like the type used in many e-cigarettes), allowing you to swap batteries while on the go instead of having to fully recharge. I did find the battery slot can be a little bit tricky to get open until you get the hang of it (be careful as the parts inside are fragile!). Unlike most portables, the INH-05 has a microusb charging port, and this is a huge plus if you need to charge your unit while on the go (most cellphone chargers are microusb). Its also great if you forget your charger somewhere (it happens!!) and still want to use your Inhalater. Unlike the previous model, the INH-05 can be used while charging, which is handy when you’re vaping at home and don’t want to drain the battery (note: this feature only works if the battery has at least a minimal charge level, so let it charge for about thirty minutes before trying to use it while plugged in if the battery is totally dead!). The unit stays on for about nine minutes before auto shutoff, and on a full charge the battery lasts me all day with moderate use. Also remember that batteries can vary by mAh, and 18650 batteries can range from 1100mAh all the way up to 2600mAh!

Black Version

Cleaning the unit is easy, and I’ll be working on an in-depth guide soon (which I’ll link to here once its ready). The capsules can be cleaned using q-tips and high proof alcohol, and you can purchase replacement capsules on the Inhalater website (which is recommended from time to time, especially if you vape a lot of concentrates).

Overall, I really enjoyed the INH-05, and I found that it has a lot of great advantages over other portables. The discreet and super lightweight form factor combined with the temperature controls, replaceable battery, USB charger, and capsules really made it a great everyday potable.


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    1. Those are INTENDED for liquids and you need atomizers to go on top. Put CLOUPOR MINI DNA 30 MOD BOX into youtube and find everything you need to know. In my opinion the technology for portable leaf vaporizers isn’t as good as ones that use wax or oils, but the Volcano ( not portable) although very expensive has been amazing for about 7 years and is best flavor/design and incredibly user friendly. hope this helps

  2. Did you see the new Inhalater 5 and 5S prices as well as the fact that Inhalater 6 is now available for sale … official product launch is ongoing as you already know 😉

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