My SideTree Hydratube
My SideTree Hydratube

After reviewing the VapeXhale Cloud Evo using the standard mouthpiece, I decided to do a review of a Hydratube known as the Swagger SideTree (which came alongside the Cloud Evo VapeXhale sent me). The SideTree has a diffuser and is meant to be used along with the Cloud Evo (but can be used with any vape that has an 18mm water tool adapter, such as the Ascent water tool or the Extreme Q with adapter).

As soon as I got the packaging open, the first thing that I noticed about the SideTree was that it is small in stature and very durable. Made from solid borosilicate glass, the SideTree has a high resistance to thermal shock and should survive mild bumps (dropping it definitely risks breakage though!). The SideTree also comes with a nice glass holder to keep it upright while not in use. When picking up both the SideTree and the base, always make sure to hold the base to prevent it from falling off and breaking while you’re carrying it. The piece is fairly small, but because of the way the mouthpiece sticks out, I don’t recommend it if you plan to be on the move constantly.

The Cloud Evo with SideTree attached
The Cloud Evo with SideTree attached

After filling up my Evo with some freshly ground bud, I filled up the SideTree with cold water, reaching a level just above the diffuser (be very careful not to overfill the piece, as water can leak out the bottom and on to your vape!). The diffuser itself has (I believe) 22 holes (it’s tough to count them!), and the vapor path starts at the bottom of the piece, goes through the top, and then passes through the diffuser before reaching the mouthpiece. After taking a slow drag, I saw the piece fill up with vapor and then I removed it from the Evo and inhaled. The vapor was noticeably smoother compared to the standard Evo mouthpiece, and I was able to control the vapor output by varying my inhale speed as well as watching to see how much vapor fills up the chamber. Although the SideTree is a great piece, I did notice that it does have some drawbacks. Firstly, the water chamber entrance is quite narrow, rendering it impossible to add any ice to cool down your vapor. Secondly, I did find the draw to be a little tight for a bubbler, but it wasn’t a major issue for me (but it may be if you’re a medical marijuana patient).

Swagger SideCirc Hydratube before cleaning
Hash Oil buildup after a few weeks worth of medium usage

Cleaning the SideTree was easier than I expected, and it can be done with grain alcohol and salt. In my experience, hash oil starts to build upon the tube after about a week of moderate usage (so make sure to regularly clean the piece to keep it looking like new!).  What I generally like to do is fill the piece with isopropyl alcohol, add salt, and then put on the base and shake things up for a minute or two (the salt and shaking will make things much easier). However, if you plan to extract hash oil from the Sidecirc, then skip the salt and only use alcohol.

As a whole, I enjoyed the Swagger SideTree quite a lot as an accessory for my Cloud Evo, and I’ve been using it in lieu of the standard mouthpiece and haven’t looked back since! Keep your SideTree clean and you should get a lifetime of use out of this one! The Swagger SideTree costs $250. So for all of these reasons as to why this accessory made it onto our Six Essential Vaporizer Accessories list!

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