Source Orb UnboxingDesigned by Source Vapes in San Diego, the Source orb 3 is Source Vapes’ latest iteration of their popular orb dab pen series. I’m not normally a big fan of vape pens, but I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the orb 3 so I decided to get in touch with SV about getting my hands on a review kit. Fortunately enough, they were excited to ship me one and so for the past week I’ve been playing around with the unit and seeing how it stacks up agaisnt the competition.

Source Orb VaporizerNot long after unboxing my kit, I began to take a look at its contents. The kit has a very sleek feel, and its definitely small and discreet enough as to not attract attention (most people will mistake it for an e-cig!). Aside from a battery, mouthpieces, charger, and dab tool, the orb 3 also comes with seven different atomizer styles including quartz and wicked (which also come in a dual coil configuration), a  Terra, and dry hitter attachments. One of the big improvements of the orb 3 is that it uses redesigned quartz atomizers which have 20% larger capacity than the one used in the second generation orb. Moreover, the coils have also been lowered to allow for the least amount of waste as possible. After trying several of the attachments, I must say that the quartz atomizers are my favorite, followed by the dual coil and Terra. Whereas the quartz heats up fast and is great for a small dab, the double atomizers give you more surface area to vape your concentrates resulting in bigger hits. Furthermore, the terra is interesting because it uses ceramic which allows for a lower temperature which vaporizes your dab as opposed to burning it (I do find that the vapor production is lower on this once due to the lower temps). There’s also the dry hitter attachments but I don’t normally use those as I prefer to vape loose leaf as opposed to burning it!

Source Orb Vape PenThe battery is rated for 650mAH, and I find this is usually enough to last a moderate dabber all day on a full charge. You’ll need to use the included charger to recharge, so if you plan to be on the go make sure to bring it with you or pick up a spare battery. Cleaning the unit is fairly simple (I usually wipe it down using a q-tip and high proof alcohol) and I recommend doing it on a weekly basis. How often you should replace your atomizers really depends on how often you use your unit, but I recommend changing them once you start to notice a decline in vapor output on a fully charged battery.

Source Orb AtomizersAs a whole, I must say that I’m very impressed with the orb v3. I’m normally accustomed to seeing loads of cheap vape pens on the market (most of which are just rebranded ecigarettes and don’t work particularly well), and the orb is definitely in a class above thanks to its high quality atomizers. I recommend purchasing an orb if you’re someone who likes to dab on the go, or are a medical marijuana patient (like my mom is now!), the orb is a discreet way to get a potent dose of medication when you need it most!

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