Smok Priv N19

Overview & Score

A Smok mod that comes with Nord coils and tank and offers adjustable airflow has to be winner, right? Well, not really. It is actually annoying. The Nord coils battery life is ridiculous (if you are lucky, 1 ml worth of juice). The aim of the adjustable airflow feature is to make the MTL market happy. However, Smok doesn’t really understand MTL since it added a proprietary wide bore drip tip. However, the flavour is outstanding! What a wasted opportunity.

Our Score: 8/10

I have a love-hate relationship, but I am using it still.

Not everything is bad news. Keep reading to learn about this kit’s positive features.

When I read about this kit’s pre-release, I was very excited. Excited like I was when the Smok Novo was announced. Finally, I would be able to enjoy Nord coils that featured adjustable airflow in an MTL-friendly format. So, of course, I ordered one once it was released. I believe this was the first time that Smok has attempted to produce a real MTL product.

Smok Priv N19 Kit


When I unopened the box, I was very impressed with its weight and looks. The box contained the mod tank, an extra MTL coil, micro USB cable, and an incredibly thick user manual that was practically as heavy as the actual mod itself!

So I put aside my initial disappointment, put in on a charge, and as I waited I primed the coil.

Priv N19 1200mAh Mod

Nord 19 2ml Tank
2 Nord Mesh 1.4 Ohm Coil
USB Cable
User’s Manual


The specifications sounded really promising. Judging by the Nord and Trinity, it 1200mAh battery really should be plenty sufficient. The adjustable 19mm airflow tank and matching slender mod, 2ml capacity (okay for MTL), four defined power settings and 25 watts, were all more than sufficient. The MTL 1.4 Ohm mesh coils were the icing on top. The flavour reminds me a lot of our Grasshopper vaporizer review actually.

My Initial Impressions

I charged the mod up. It appeared to charge very quickly (although it did have a partial charge). Then I screwed the 510 connection tank on. That made me smile. It felt great in my hand and looked fantastic. It has excellent build quality and a nice weight. The ergonomics were fairly good, although I did find that the fire button was in an odd position, no matter what way you happen to hold it. Your finger or thumb drifts naturally towards its top edge. This is a minor annoyance that I still have not gotten used to.

The actual mod is quite stylish and features chrome accents. Its screen curves inward and looks very clear and sharp, although it is simply an LED light instead of a fully functioning screen. It is also really easy to see when you are outside. The power adjust button is both responsive and nicely positioned. To date, I have not accidentally changed any of the settings, since the button is out of the way. Although I do find the power button to be out of place, it has a very nice trigger. The Micro USB is located on the base. This allows the mod to be charged in the upright position. The mod has very little branding to it. There is a small battery vent hole on the base, and its 510 connection allows you to add a 19mm diameter tank of your own, which is a welcome option.

CBD Village UK

My initial impressions of this mod were positive

Nord N19 Tank

However, the tank leaves plenty to be desired. Its loud, horrible branded base seal spoils its looks. However, I was about to get around that (see my hack below). Another poor design feature is its propriety fille cap/drip tip. It cheapens the appearance and has a 6.8mm wide bore as well which ruins getting a good MTL draw. What works best is a 4mm minimum. However, there is no option for changing it. Apart from that, the tank’s metalwork is nicely shaped and machined, and its airflow ring is smooth and nice – that is, until you screw it to the mod – then it jams!

How to improve the looks of the tank:

I took the bottom seal off but found that the white paint had peeled off and was imprinted to the glass. I had to do quite a bit of scrubbing to clean it off. Then I turned the seal inside out to leave a ribbed surface. I wasn’t sure if it would seal still, but I took a chance. It looks a lot better and works just fine.

The tank fills from the top and the drip tip once again comes back to haunt us. It is smooth and there isn’t any knurling. This makes it difficult to grip. Therefore, unscrewing it can be tricky.

How does it actually perform?

From all of the minor annoyances I have recounted, you can see I was beginning to slowly hate this kit. But then I took my first vape. All of my minor grievances faded. The Nord coil is nearly true MTL fashion delivered an incredible flavour! It was so good! I truly enjoy the vape it produces.

However, the Smok still had a few more minor annoyances. The biggest of these was the battery life. However, before I discuss that, I am going to be covering the strange power levels. The following are the presets:

Hard (maximum 12 Watts)

I naturally began with Normal (N). It was pretty good but a bit on the warm side. The first battery bar disappeared within three draws! I thought that was strange, but I continued on. However, it soon became obvious that the battery life was terrible. I had barely used 1 ml worth of juice and that status of the battery was already at 1 bar! I thought maybe it was due to its being the initial charge. However, no, it has not shown any improvement. After a couple more charged, I tried out the “soft” power setting. Although the vape still had very good flavour and was a bit cooler, the battery drained really fast still. I was only getting about 1 ml worth of juice before the battery dropped down to 1 bar.

I understand that the batteries are supposed to be charged well before they fully drain. However, with this device, I have to recharge it at 2 bars. I have to charge this thing all the time. It is shocking how fast it goes down to 1 bar.

When the power level is set on “normal,” that kills the coil much faster as well. The first coil only lasted for about 5ml when using the Nic Salts. I used those with the other Nord devices I have. I now use it on “mild,” which is the lowest setting. The vape still does have plenty of flavour, and its battery does last a bit longer. But considering its 12 Watts maximum wattage, it isn’t as much as you might expect.


Since its coil is one of its best features, I decided I would compare it with the Smok Nord.

Smok Nord

Smok Nord

At this time, it was the first time I had used Smok Nord coils. It really blew all of the past pods I had used out of the water (including the Aspire AIO and Aspire Breeze 2). It has an intense flavour, although its airy draw means it is not a good choice for stealth or indoor vaping since it is a real cloud chucker.

The N19, out of the two, is my favourite, even though it has many flaws, although I prefer MTL with no or little clouds for indoors. For outdoor, I have other sub-ohm cloud chuckers.


I really love the vape that I receive. It has outstanding flavour. I have used it the entire time I was writing this review and I am still enjoying each puff that I get from the very short battery life.

I tried to make the best of these two components and attempted to try the tank with a 18650 mod and placed an MTL RTA onto the od. They both perform well on their own, but I did end up returning to the original state using the mild power setting and putting up with its flaws.

You can decide whether or not you can put up with them, but I must say you will get a fantastic flavour from it!

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