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A lot of people have been wondering whether or not Smok could put together an easy to handle device, which wouldn’t get in the way as much as the others did. Smok has managed to deliver with a unique offering that has a great battery life and performs well throughout the day when used. The Smok Novo is designed to remain portable and offers pods with a capacity of 2 ml. This is a special option for those wanting to mix things up and want a compact device for their daily needs. While it might not make the list of some of the best vaporizers in 2019 it certainly has many great aspects which should make it stand out from many other vapes.

Let’s take a deeper look at what the Smok Novo is all about.

Build Quality

The cobra pattern has become a contemporary staple among brands and the same applies to the Smok mods too. With Smok Novo, they have gone with something that has a unique blend of qualities including its size.

Design-wise it could almost be described as similar to a whistle, which is unique compared to other options the brand has managed to manufacture, like the Fetch Mini though it does look similar to the Smok Nord. The Smok Novo is all about removing sharp edges and making sure everything looks silky smooth, rounded, and easy to handle. This ergonomic design is sure to please those who want a compact option.

Smok Novo

The battery is incredible and this all thanks to the inclusion of a separate 450mAh battery. This makes it far better than its predecessors including the Smok Infinix.

The body is all about holding the larger battery and making sure everything else is secure such as the tank, mouthpiece, and coil. They have made sure to include these components in a professional manner so nothing makes noise and it’s easy to move around when necessary. While it doesn’t have a display, it does come with a powerful LED indicator, which works like a charm. This is all about being portable and they have done away with anything that would make the Novo bulky. The indicator is able to let you know more about the battery and potential statuses associated with the device.

It also comes with a separate micro USB charging port to ensure everything is powered as needed.

Quality of flavour

While it is compact in design, it does have a hard-hitting flavour, which makes it quite appealing to most enthusiasts. It has a tremendous vaping output and the pod system works like a charm too. They tend to last at least seven days and some can even start to hit fourteen days. After this point, the flavour tends to drop a bit as it loses power.

If there is an issue people have to deal with, it involves leaks. The pod may leak as it is used more.

Flexibility in Power

The Smok Novo is not about stuffing advanced features into a small device. Instead, it’s all about maximising settings, offering a good hit, and ensuring the device works fluently.

They have also taken the time to secure the device and ensure it doesn’t short easily nor does it end up destroying the battery due to an overuse of power.

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Smok novo vape pod starter kit pink

Users are not able to play around with the power settings with this particular Smok device. Instead, they will have to fiddle with the different strengths to make sure a small amount of energy is being used per minute. This is going to vary and really it’s just a learning experience.

The Smok Novo tends to offer minimal adjustment options when it comes to the amount of airflow it has to offer. This is unique as other devices do offer such adjustable settings within their settings. However, it’s something others are also looking to get rid of because it doesn’t offer a significant advantage.

Easy to Operate

To make sure it was as small as possible while remaining functional, they have made sure to go with a button-less setup. This is achieved by ensuring the sensor is in the right spot and does work as intended. As long as it is air-activated (i.e. when a person puffs), it will work. It’s a unique approach but it’s something we’ve had people tell us they’d like – something similar to a cigarette. This is ideal for beginners looking to get into the world of vaping without having to play around with too many settings or buttons. It also makes it easier to keep the device in good shape as time goes on.

When it comes to changing pods and replacing them, it is as simple as it needs to be for the average person. You simply take out the old pod and push in the new one into the main body. It takes no more than a few seconds and is as user-friendly as you need it to be.

They have also taken the time to offer a clear PETG, which is important when it comes to seeing how much e-liquid there is.

smok novo blue vaporizer


If you are hoping to maximise the battery capacity, it’s important to go with the Smok Novo. This is all about enjoying a solution that’s efficient and ensuring the device is better than some of the others in the market such as the Juul or Smok Infinix. Since you are able to use the same device for longer periods, it’s easier to move around and carry in your bag or pocket. It really is one of the best portable vaporizers so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it added into many best portable vape lists in the near future.

It is also easy to hold in your hands while vaping and that is something Smok Novo has hit out of the park. The design is immaculate and is great for people of all sizes. it has a delightful grip and remains cosy in the hands throughout a vaping session.

Final Verdict

In the end, the Smok Novo is a respectable performer and hits all the right notes. However, it tends to win everyone’s heart when it comes time to measure the vaping output. It packs quite a punch compared to the others in the market.

It hasn’t turned things around with a new-age device, however, they have taken the time to build something that is a great addition. It does a lot of things right and is a good option for beginners to go with.

For those wanting to go with a pre-filled unit, it’s better to choose an option such as the Jucee Slice or for those wanting a mod-tyle unit, it’s best to go with the Smok V-Priv. The Smok Nord is also a very great vaporizer you wouldn’t regret buying.

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