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Manufactured by 7th Floor in the USA, the Silver Surfer is an electrical whip vaporizer featuring glass on glass connections and a high quality ceramic heater. The package also includes a custom hand blown glass knob, all glass on glass (GoG) connections, and a whip to use while vaporizing.

The Silver Surfer uses a high quality ceramic heating element, and is housed in durable 1/5″ anodized aluminum. The heating element is also inverted, as to prevent your bud from falling into the heater itself. When I used it, I noticed no aftertaste left by the heater (some low-quality vaporizers impart a funny taste to vaporized herb).

Heating & Temperature

My unit takes about 5-6 minutes on average to warm up, and produces quite a lot of vapor when heated. I generally like to start a bowl at medium temperature, and then slowly increase the vape temp until I get almost to the end of the knob. The glass knob attached on to the Silver Surfer is quite nice, and adds a nice touch of style to the unit.


Overall, the Silver Surfer is a great desktop vaporizer which produces consistent and pure vapor. However, there are a few downsides I noticed. The first is that there is no digital temperature control, which I really like having on my Extreme Q (to get more precise vaporization temperatures). Secondly, there is no bag option, only whip. Although this may not be an issue for some, other people may prefer bags.

The Silver Surfer can be purchased in an array of colors.

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