Pulsar APX Box
Pulsar APX Box

Produced by Pulsar of North Carolina, USA, the APX is a discreet portable vaporizer with a form factor similar to that of the original Pax, but offers an afforable MSRP of just $60. Given such a low price, I was curious to see if the APX can make a good first vape for those who are on a budget. When a package from Pulsar arrived at my doorstep recently, I was excited to give it a try and see how it stacks up!

Pulsar APX Vaporizer In Box
Pulsar APX Vaporizer In Box

After unboxing the unit, the first thing I did was examine its build. Made from plastic and metal, the unit feels fairly solid and I didn’t hear any loose components when I gave it a shake. The heat chamber is made from ceramic and is quite large for such a small unit, fitting up to .35 grams of loose leaf cannabis inside. One thing I’m curious about is what the airpath is like on this unit. The unit is convection, but I don’t see any dedicated holes for airflow and it appears that the air enters the heat chamber from within the inside of the unit itself. This is normal on quite a few vapes, but personally I prefer to have a dedicated airflow which doesn’t come in contact with the unit’s internal components. In terms of electronics, judging by the battery indicator it appears that the APX uses a DNA40 board or similar to control the heating.

Pulsar APX Vape and Oil JarThe APX has five temperature settings which range between 356F-428F (180C-220C), and these temperatures are selectable from the button on the front of the unit. I find this to be a good range as it covers the most common cannabis vaporization temperatures, but I wouldn’t recommend using it with other herbs that you can vaporize since these temperatures are most likely too high. After loading a bowl with some finely ground herb, I turned the unit to 392F (200C) and waited about fifty seconds for the unit to fully warm up. Not long after I began to take long, slow puffs and was greeted with a tasty vapor. I generally recommend stirring the bowl halfway through your session in order to ensure that your cannabis gets evenly vaped. Although I enjoyed the vapor, one drawback I noticed was that because of how close the heat chamber is to the mouthpiece, the airflow can get quite hot and dry (especially on the higher settings). Moreover, I found the draw on the unit to be moderately tight, so make sure that you clean your mouthpiece and bowl often in order to keep your device operating at maximum efficiency! I also gave the wax chamber a try, and although the temperature isn’t high enough to get VapeXNail style dabs, you can get a succession of smaller hits which some people enjoy. Personally I prefer using the device just for loose leaf however.

Pulsar APX Herb ChamberThe APX uses a non replaceable battery which can be charged via microUSB, and it takes about an hour and a half to go from empty to fully charged. On average I was generally able to get about 4-5 full sessions with the unit depending on what temperature setting I used. I recommend cleaning the mouthpiece with a q-tip and some high proof alcohol, and you can use the included cleaning brush in order to clean the herb chamber every now and then.

Pulsar APX oil jar and mouthpieceOverall, I conclude that the Pulsar APX is a great budget vape given the price. With its low price, the APX can be had quite affordably and can server as a good introduction to vaping for those who are looking for something small and portable but don’t want to commit to a bigger investment yet. One thing I’m not yet able to comment on is the unit’s longevity as I’ve only had it for about two weeks now, but I’ll update this post in the future detailing my experiences. The APX does however come with a 6 month warranty should anything go wrong!

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  1. Disappointing experience with this unit. Wasted product, burned my lips and am out $60.00 on top of it all.

    Drawing air in over highly heated pcb board, plastic and solder is also a great way to breathe in additional toxins that one may be trying to avoid.

    Save yourself the aggravation and money and avoid this product.

    1. I disagree. First vape I did was in Amsterdam 10 years back. Since then, I’ve tried various different vaporizers. This one does the job. For the price, it is a true value. It’s not absolutely perfect, but it’s easily portable, and does what you want it to do. I respect your opinion, but I’m an old guy, and I wish this had been available 30+ years ago. Or 20. Or 10

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