Linx Vapor Blaze Vaporizer

The Link Vapor Blaze is a well-specced kit with a high-quality robust build. It features two concentrate atomizers, a 510-threaded vape pen, and other useful accessories and features. With a 900 mAh battery, Blaze pen users have four selectable temperature settings at their disposal. The pen also has a ceramic plate and coil-less quartz atomizer giving you ample choices out of the box.

Kit Price: £105.99
Budder Cups price: £11.99 (each set has 8)
Colours: Black (Onyx) and Stainless steel

Out Of The Box

The Links Blaze does not disappoint just like its predecessor the Linx Hypnos Zero. It has excellent packaging and comes with plenty of accessories and extras. In the box, you get the hinged hard-shell black casing and instruction manual. The carrying case houses the kit and all accessories that are housed in a foam-lined section of the case.

The carrying case houses:

The 900 mAh Linx Blaze vape pen
Zero Atomizer (the recessed ceramic atomizing plate)
Ace Atomizer (coil-less quartz)
Concentrate tool
Magnetic mouthpiece
Micro-USB charge cord for charging

Linx Vapor Blaze Vaporizer

Budder Cups (Sold Separately)

The cups are shipped in a blue and white cupboard box that have two side buttons that lock in place to keep everything safe and secure during shipping. The set of cups consists of eight little glass cups designed for pre-loading or micro-dosing budder.

The cups have a rubber stopper that shields the internal compartments of the pre-loader from debris, thereby protecting your preload. The set up of the budder cups – the little box and the rubber stoppers – ensures yields an excellent user-experience. Moreover, as an accessory, the budder cups are portable, pocketable, and protected. In a nutshell, this is a godsend accessory for those of us who want to vape concentrate on the go with no hassle.

The Rundown

At 105mm tall and 19mm wide, The Blaze cuts a compact figure. With the coil-less quartz Ace Atomizer, it weighs 76 grams and with the ceramic-plate Zero atomiser, it tips the scales at 72 grams. However, 900 mAh battery can only be described as decent at best. And with a pass-thru charging system, it takes two hours plus to charge fully.

The two atomizers have the same airflow, which is not only tight but also surprisingly smooth. You will not hear a whistle nor will experience clogging up to over 3 grams of concrete – 1 gram of powder CBD concrete and 1 gram of brittle shatter.

Linx Blaze Vape Pen

The vape pen has one fore button that you click 5 time to turn on. Since it has a 520 connection, you can also use other atomizers on the vape pen. However, it is important to note that the specific power output has been stated. Use pen prudently, starting slow and going from there. For personally, I’m not patient enough to go through all temps. I prefer to aim high and deciding where to go next from there – this is quicker for me.

The temperatures are indicated by the LED colour over the fire button. Click three times when changing the temperature. You get:

Low temp (blue)
Medium temp (yellow)
Medium-high temp (orange)
High temp (red)

The compact size and the dark brushed finish make the Blaze exceptionally discrete. It also has a robust build, save for a little button rattle. Its auto shut-off feature kicks in after minutes of inactivity. While this might be too little of time for some us, clicking the fire button just one resets the timer. Importantly, the LED will flash a white light when the pen is going off.

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However, the automatic shut-off is not mentioned anywhere in the manual, nor is the voltage and temperature levels of individual heat settings.

Ace Atomizer

Of the two atomisers this vape pen comes with, the Ace Atomiser has to be my favourite. You only need a small amount (rice-grain size) of concentrate. However, I’ve been using powder CBD and brittle shatter, so I might be wrong. If you want to know more about how and why you should vape CBD check out our guide. Waxier concentrates might act differently in some situations.

While its hard to use the term “clouds” with regards to this pen, it does produce decent vapour.

Full-ceramic bucket using a flat plate
Good flavour
Better durability than the Zero
Heats up quickly; yields quicker effects
9 mm (wide) x 8 mm (deep)
Wider and deeper than the Zero Atomizer
Easy to clean, though keeping the pen clean is difficult when compared to the Zero
Works well with Budder Cups

Blaze Ace

Zero Atomizer

Using the same amount of CBD isolate and shatter, the Zero produces better flavour, but it does not heat quickly. As such, the effects are slower to build-up. One thing I like with this atomiser is the ease of keeping it pristine. It is easy to keep the quartz clean. However, the atomiser is optimised for flavour rather than micro-dosing. You also get less vapour.

Coil-less quartz bucket placed on a stove-top heating element
Limited load space compared to the Ace
Longer heat times; slower effects
7.6 mm (wide) x 8 mm (deep)
Better flavour
More fragile and will crack easily when dropped
Easy cleaning

While the Budder Cups reduce the immediacy of the effects, they improve convenience a lot. They work with the Ace, giving it similar performance characteristics to the Zero. They also add some benefits and demerits, including:

8 cups in the set
They make pre-loading easy and clean
Excellent for micro-dosing
Good flavour
Keeps the ceramic clean
Heating takes longer as it has to pass glass and the ceramic
Effects longer than the Zero

The main aim of the Budder Cups is the convenience factor. You just preload a small amount of the concentrate and place it in the bucket to vape. Screwing the mouthpiece secures the cups in place.

How To Clean

When you want to clean the attys comes, hold them over the napkin. Burn off the reclaim using the red setting whilst wiping any drops that come out. With an iso-soaked Q-tip, thoroughly clean the inside. Air dry or heat the pen with the lowest heat setting to get rid of any residue iso.

Linx Vapor recommends placing the Zero in iso for one or two hours. I’m yet to try this though as I clean the two atomisers the same way.

Pros / Cons

Stealthy size
Excellent build quality
Quality carrying case
Easy to clean
Comes with 2 atomisers
Good flavour with either atomiser
Nice unobstructed airflow
Glass mouthpieces
Pre-set temps selectable
Budder Cups are mess-free and convenient
Long battery charge
Slight button rattle
Low vapour yield

Linx Vapor Blaze Vape


The features and the design philosophy of The Blaze is not for getting plastered. It is, however, perfect for short sessions when using concentrates. Instead of using the vape pen continually, use it to get lifted and maintaining. I have to say it would give the Pax 3 a run for its money!

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