Kandypens K-Vape Pro

We’ve tried lots of different devices from Kandypens, including the Kandypens Rubi and Kandypens Crystal Black and more often than not, we’ve come away feeling content, but with a desire for more. Enter The K-Vape Pro. It is marketed as a vaporizer that offers high-grade, next-generation vapor quality while retaining an attractive entry-level price tag. So, does it deliver on its promises, making it a worthy addition to the Kandypens brand? Or, does it perhaps fail to meet expectations, making other devices more appealing?

How Does It Work?

To switch on the K-Vape Pro, you rapidly click the power button 5 times. Holding down the power button enables you to cycle through the different temperature settings available on the device. For getting the best results, we advise using the device with finely ground cannabis and packing it down slightly.

Temperature Settings

The Kandypens K-Vape Pro has four temperature setting to select from – 177°C/350°F, 190°C/375°F, 204°C/400°F, and 220°C/428°F. Users that want more flexible temperature control will be better served by devices which makes it easier to find the sweet spot. If its precise temperture changes your after why not check out our Crafty + review we did and see if that is the vape for you.

The temperature settings on the K-Vape Pro are perfectly okay, but a digital display and more flexible control would be preferable, as those features appear on many budget devices from other manufacturers.

Vapor Quality

The Kandypens K-Vape Pro’s vapor quality is very disappointing. The mouthpiece has tight draw resistance and delivers insufficient vapor with mediocre flavor. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say anything positive about the device when it comes to vapor quality.

Unlike other budget devices that have plastic mouthpieces, the K-Vape Pro does have a glass mouthpiece, but it is not long enough to cool the vapor. We struggle to see any way that the device can come near to outperforming devices like the Flowermate Slick and Utillian 721.

Manufacturing Quality

The K-Vape Pro feels a bit finicky and build quality is mediocre at best. While the glass mouthpiece is a welcome upgrade from the plastic ones on older models, the entire device does not feel in any way luxurious or durable. We were worried that a small drop or plugging it in incorrectly would render it an ornament. Users that want a solid yet modern vaporizer are likely to go for vapes like the Mighty instead.

Kandypens K-Vape Pro Box Contents

Accompanying the device in the box are two mouthpieces, a cleaning brush, and a USB charger. For the price tag, we would’ve expected to see a packing tool, carrying pouch and a few spare screens included.

Kandypens K-Vape Battery Life

We struggled to find any technical specs on the battery, but since the manufacturer does not list the capacity, we’re going to assume it’s pretty underwhelming.

You can expect to get 6 sessions at most from a full charge and the device takes 1.5-2 hours to recharge from empty. Since the battery can not be removed, once it naturally deteriorates, the whole device becomes nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

Users on a tight budget are sure to want something with better long term sustainability, so they are likely to prefer vaping devices that have removable batteries such as the Flowermate Slick vaporizer.

Kandypens K-Vape

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The K-Vape Pro is compact and comfortable to use. It will fit into most pockets and while it’s not quite as compact as devices like the Zeus Arc, it’s by no means cumbersome.

Ease of Use

The Kandypens K-Vape Pro is certainly not difficult to use. Simply load up the chamber with your prepared strains, go through through the temperature settings using the control button and wait for the vaporizer to heat up. After taking the first hit, the lack of vapor coming out might confuse you. But, it’s normal for this device, which, as previously mentioned, produces hardly any vapor! For users that prefer denser vapor, the Utillian 721 is a much better option.

Cleaning the K-Vape Pro is easy. The glass mouthpiece can be placed in a solution of isopropyl alcohol for sterilization, while the chamber can be cleaned out using an alcohol-soaked cotton swab. We certainly appreciate all vaporizers that make cleaning easy.


The vaporizer is sleek and discreet which is one of the few good things about this vape. Most people will likely assume it’s just a standard e-juice vape since the design is not very imposing. However, it does emit a potent odour when in use as well as after a vaping session – just something to bear in mind. Users that want to minimize vaping odour will prefer a convention-based unit like the Utillian 721. You can check out our Utillian 721 review if your thinking of buying it.

Overall Experience

Not good! The performance of the Kandypens K-Vape Pro is well below average across all areas and for the money, you can definitely get a unit with better battery life and vapor production. We’d recommend the Utillian 721 as a better alternative, or if you have a bit more money to invest, the Flowermate Slick.

If you have any further questions about the Kandypens K-Vape Pro or just want to share your own experiences with the vaporizer, feel free to leave a comment below!

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