Innokin EZ Watt Review

The Innokin EZ Watt is a novice-friendly box-mod that comes with 3 wattage configurations and a powerful 1500mAh battery pack. The initial kit features an Endura T20S Tank that facilitates deep mouth to lung vapes. Let’s have a look at what this box-mod from Innokin has to offer. Make sure you check out our comprehensive vape buyer guides and reviews in order to get all the information necessary to make your first purchase.

Manufacturing Quality

When looking at box mods for beginners and novice, this specific product has quite a lot to offer. Most of the products in this category lack a very key and crucial feature which is the ability to control power. In contrast, the Innokin EZ Watt has 3 unique power control settings.

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Power control is possible with the help of a chip that measures the resistance of the coil and automatically adjusts the voltage of the mod to a preset wattage configuration. I’ll talk about this amazing feature more in the flexibility section. This box mod has a max output of 35W.

Innokin EZ Watt Vape

The product comes with a 1500mAh battery pack. This is not huge, but it’s ideal for a small device. Other small-sized units often have less powerful battery packs that range at about 1000mAh. There are a few select units that come with 2000 to 3000 mAh battery packs. So, 1500mAh is not that bad. Consumers who want 510 thread cartridges should go with the CCELL Silo.

However, this comes with 1A charging. With an inbuilt battery pack, it’s highly expected that you want faster-charging speeds so 2A charging is more ideal in this case.

The tank is fairly good. It’s specifically crafted for mouth to lung vaping, but its a bit too free if you ask me. To appeal to more users who do mouth to lung vaping, the tank should be less open. The tank’s draw does not allow for any airflow restriction to change this setting.

Flavour Quality

The quality of vapor produced is fairly good, but it’s really not the best if you ask me. The vapor is smooth and the flavour is good. The kit comes with 2 distinct coils; one rated at 0.8ohms and another rated at 1.5ohms. The former comes pre-fitted and offers bigger vape clouds.

I’m not a big fan of the draw configuration, to be honest. As mentioned earlier, the airflow in the tank is too open for mouth to lung vaping. The unit is still classified under the mouth to lung section because most people who are new to vaping will still find it ideal for this type of use. The manufacturers should try and adjust the tank to restrict the airflow further.

Power Flexibility

Although this kit is designed for beginners, the power flexibility rating is really good. This is because there is more control on the power output of the unit. You can choose between 3 main power settings that include;

  • White = 30-35W
  • Blue = 15-18W
  • Green = 13-14W

To adjust the temperature, you only need to press both buttons at the same time and use the lights to choose the setting you want. Once you are done, you can then press the bottom button only to change back the temperature setting by shifting from dim to bright lights. The brighter setting will keep the unit at the higher end of the range while the dim light will keep it at the lower end of the range.

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Ease of Use

On most occasions, this product is very easy to operate. It’s your ordinary novice vape that comes with flexible power controls. While many units come with the 5 click power on, this unit features an easy to use 3 click power on.

Innokin also have light indicators that show the charging level of the battery. A green light shows that the battery is fully charged, while a red light shows that the battery is depleted. The fire button is also backlit as well. The only challenge you may face when operating this unit is adjusting power setting. Choosing your default setting is pretty easy. However, changing to another setting is not so easy. It’s often confusing to most users at first but they all get a hang of it eventually.


Portability is good, but not all that great if you ask me. There are other smaller options currently in the market. This particular unit measures a cool 4.5 inches which include the height of the tank. Indeed, Innokin tried its best to make this unit portable. But, I’ve still come across other box mods with more features and better portability.

Overall Experience

This is definitely a good box mod for beginners. It’s flexible power controls and wattage settings make it really easy to use. The implementation of these features is done in such a way that it does not overwhelm a user who is new to vaping. The Innokin EZ Watt is both versatile, and not too complicated or sophisticated for the average user.

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It’s our hope that you found this review of the Innokin EZ Watt insightful. We would really appreciate hearing any feedback that you may have on any of the information we have shared above. Feel free to leave a comment, and to share this review with your family and friends. Follow us on our social media channels to get information on great deals, contests and other special offers that we may have. Happy shopping! 😉

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