HipVap BoxThe HipVap kit as ordered directly from its website includes the vape itself, two pods, several oil wicks and some other handy tools. In addition to the unit, the HipVap also comes with a two year warranty, which is quite a long time and gives you peace of mind should anything happen to go wrong. The actual HipVap unit is light, weighing a meager 136 grams (4.8 oz) while promising a continuous use battery life of 2.5 hours thanks to its two 18560 batteries. Judging by my use thus far it appears this is pretty accurate, but the actual time you can get out of the unit really depends on what temperature settings you’re running.

Its display has a few easy to use settings, including;

  • Pulsing red to indicate the device is heating
  • Solid green to indicate the HipVap is ready for use
  • Pulsing blue to indicate the vape is cooling
  • A low battery indicator

HipVap Portable VaporizerOne major feature that the HipVap has received praise for is its auto-shutdown timer,  which can be set to as short a time as 60 seconds, the same amount of time as the vape requires to heat up to 380˚F (193˚C). All in all the HipVap is quick to get hot and quick to turn off if need be, minimizing the amount of time spent in configuration and maximizing the amount of time spent actually vaping.

The concentrate pads
The concentrate pads

Stylistically the HipVap is quite similar to the Atmos Transporter apart from its different color schemes; it is possible that the HipVap is an updated Transporter. Its around as wide as the Transporter, making it fit comfortably in my hand. However, I have not found its shape to be the most practical, as it looks like a flask and can be a little on the overt side for this reason. The flick-open door is straightforward enough to operate and offers easy access to the medium-sized chamber. This chamber is capable of holding a little over a half gram of herb, and works well when packed fairly tight. Even though the temperature adjustment buttons are well placed, they can be sensitive at times which is slightly disruptive when you’re trying to set the vape to the perfect temperature. I have no complaints about the vaporizer’s ability to do what it does best, though; the HipVap produces nicely sized vapor clouds compared to some of the other models I have used in the past, without affecting flavor. Its aluminum body absorbs a good deal of the internal heat, allowing for comfortable carrying even during extended use.

HipVap FrontAside from its shape, the other slight limitation of the HipVap is that its batteries are non-replaceable. The 18650s have a reasonable life and are of course rechargeable. Thankfully, the HipVap is fairly priced, and is currently set at $199 USD down from a previous $249 (sometimes dipping lower while on sale). It is overall well made and did not have any apparent defects after I unboxed it and first put it to use. The company behind it is well organized, with an easy to navigate website and clearly outlined support and return policies.

HipVap Charge Port

HipVap Herb Chamber Without ScreenAll things considered, the HipVap is ideal for casual users looking for a reliable and precise vape to use as often as desired. Its mix of standard, recognizable features and mildly groundbreaking inclusions are enough to warrant an upgrade for those seeking a new vape.  Its flask-like shape and non-replaceable batteries can be a bit prohibitive to those wanting to rely on the HipVap as an all-purpose, long-term vape, but these minor quirks are generally overshadowed by the quality of the device.  The HipVap ultimately delivers on what any solid vaporizer should; it provides consistent and adjustable temperatures, functionality, and nice, dense vapor time after time!

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised with the HipVap. It’s the most stealthy portable I’ve used, in pocket or hand, and I’ve owned more than a handful of pocket vapes. It’s also very easy to use and clean. If you pack it full it can provide some pretty impressive draws, and despite the wide heating chamber it vaporizes your herb uniformly without having to open and stir. I really like the option of changing the heater on time from 1 to 10 min.

    It does take a while to fully charge the unit, and lack of a user replaceable battery is disappointing, but the company says battery replacement cost will be low.

    So far I’m very happy with the HipVap as a pocket portable, and as long as it keeps working I don’t expect to be tempted by another model.

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