Ambassador Kit
My Ambassador Kit

After expressing an interest in vape pens (having previously reviewed the MCig) before, I was excited when I obtained a Gentleman’s Brand Ambassador Kit V3. My kit came with the following items:

  • Mega V2 Oil Cartridge
  • Dry Herb Cartridge
  • Espionage Pen Battery
  • Double Agent Battery
  • Concentrates Jar
  • Charger
  • Instruction Manual

After charging both batteries for several hours, I attached the espionage pen to the dry herb cartridge and began to warm it up. After taking a few puffs, I soon began to see quit a bit of smoke and I became noticeably buzzed (keep in mind that the dry herb cartridge is designed to act as an “e-pipe” rather than vaporizer). The cart does its job well, but since it isn’t a vaporizer you still get the drawbacks of combustion.

Double Agent
Top: Double Agent with mega oil cartridge. Bottom: Espionage pen with standard oil cart
Inside the mega oil cartridge

On the other hand, the Mega V2 Oil Cartridge has a flat heating element, allowing concentrates to have maximum surface area during vaporization. Once I swapped out the dry herb cart for the oil cart, I placed a dab of concentrates onto the heating element and began to take hits. Using concentrates, the Gentleman’s Vape produced a good amount vapor and each dab tasted pretty good (make sure to stir the bowl occasionally). Furthermore, the oil jar came in handy for storing additional concentrates while I’m on the go. Cartridges should be replaced from time to time as the heating element’s performance degrades over time and replacements can be purchased on the Gentleman’s Brand website.

The “e-pipe”
The “e-pipe” dry herb attachment

Both batteries are 510/eGO (e-cigarette) compatible and lasted quite a long time, but the Double Agent battery created larger amounts of vapor and had a longer battery life than the Espionage Pen (plus it has a USB passthrough as well). Moreover, the Double Agent has 3 temperature settings of low (3.2V), medium (3.7V), and high (4.2V) in order to best suit your vaping preferences (I mostly used 4.2V for oils). I haven’t had enough time to comment on the reliability of these batteries, but I haven’t run into any issues yet in the month I’ve had the kit. The Ambassador Kit does come with a 6 month warranty which creates some peace of mind should anything go wrong.

In summary, The Ambassador kit is great for concentrates, and offers good value for oil enthusiasts. The battery life of the Double Agent battery is great for all day use, plus the USB passthrough was handy for longer vaping sessions. If you vape cannabis concentrates exclusively, then I

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recommend giving this kit a try!

5 thoughts on “Gentleman’s Brand Ambassador Kit Review

  1. The entire gentleman’s brand line is very pretty – but poorly designed for the purpose of burning solid concentrates. The burn bowl is far too narrow and deep. Getting the wax close enough to the burner to actually vaporize requires using knitting needle or some other improvised tool. Same issue for moving the remainder wax around, or removing residue, etc. And if you’ve ever used a wax you know how annoying it can be to work with soft. The cheap vape sticks you pick up at the store are much easier to use. They may fail sooner that the Gent’s, but they’re also only about 1/3 the price and can actually be used on the go. I also tried the Gent’s mini stick, and would warn that device should NEVER be purchased. Out of three of them, two failed on delivery. The burn head of the third failed after a week of use.

  2. Just got the new V4 kit… man that things comes with a concentrate cartridge that can hold an entire gram of wax! holy shieittttt. took one to a festival and it kept me and 2 friends high as fuck for an entire day. fuck yes..

    never tried the dry herb cartridge. dont know why you would use one instead of just smoking out of a pipe tho

      1. I used shatter. but at this point i’ve tried it with crumble, wax, and bubble hash. all worked great! I think I liked it with the crumble the best. but tuff to tell ^_^

  3. Excellent kit for a vap’n newbie like myself. Was up and going and learning a whole new world of experiencing the realm of vaping. All the parts are quality made and sturdy. I enjoyed showing it to friends like I was proud, goes a long way in saying about the craft they put into this. Thank you Gentleman’s for this experience and customer service was great too. Cheers!

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