My FlashVape Kit
My FlashVape Kit

Designed and manufactured in Canada, The Flashvape is billed as a low-cost portable vaporizer (retailing at $129) with a rapid heat up time and large herb chamber. There’s also a large number of accesories available for the Flashvape, the majority of which I will review in a future post. The Flashvape has a solid build quality consisting mainly of durable aluminum which encases a ceramic heating element. I wouldn’t be too worried about accidentally dropping this unit with the strong aluminum shell. The bowl is very large for a portable with a 1 inch diameter, closer to the size of a plugin vape than a portable!

In order to operate your Flashvape, load some finely grinded herbs into the herbal chamber at the top of the unit, making sure not to pack down your bud. Next, hold down the power button for a few seconds, and then begin vaping. Keep holding down the button for up to eight seconds and then release it while continuing to draw (there’s no temperature controls). Make sure to draw in slowly to get the maximum amount of vapor. The Flashvape uses the same type of heating technology as the MFLB and Volta, so it heats up very quickly. With the large herbal chamber, I was able to get around 8-14 draws per bowl and the experience left me pleasantly buzzed! The one area with the Flashvape loses points is its size. The unit is too long to carry in your pocket, and can get heavy (especially when you’re carrying extra batteries).

My FlashVape Disassembled
My FlashVape Disassembled

The Flashvape uses the same type of Li-Ion batteries as the Vaporgenie Volta, and they are removable. With a single battery I was able to get between 24 and 40 puffs (2-3 full bowls) depending on how long I took drags for. The unit also has a secondary battery that you can use while charging or if you’re main battery dies on the go (you cannot charge the unit and use it at the same time).

Most of the unit comes apart, making cleaning it out very easy (especially compared to other portable vaporizers within the same price range). You can soak the top screen in rubbing alcohol to remove hash buildup, as well as use the included brush on the main trench to pull out any leftover herb. I’ll have a more detailed cleaning guide posted later on this month.

The 1" FlashVape Trench
The 1″ FlashVape Trench

Overall, the pros of the Flashvape are that its very durable, has a large herb trench, and heats up very quickly. However, the unit’s large size can hamper portability and makes it less discreet than other portables. For the price you may be better off purchasing a plug-in vaporizer if you want a large herbal trench or another low cost portable (such as the MFLB or Firewood) if you want discreetness.

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  1. Hmmm well for $129 it might be worth checking out. I like the design and would be interested in how it performs and how clean the vapor is. Looks like a promising piece of equipment and is really affordable.

    Definitely worth checking out in my opinion.

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