Generation 2 on the left, 1 to the right (note the lock mechanism and recessed buttons of gen 2).
Generation 2 on the left, 1 to the right (note the lock mechanism and recessed buttons of gen 2).

A few months ago, I reviewed the long anticipated DaVinci Ascent portable vaporizer and enjoyed it quite a bit (its super discreet, warms up fast, and is highly portable). However, after recently running into some problems with my Ascent, I wasn’t so sure on the build quality of Ascent vaporizers. Fortunately I managed to get in contact with Dennis over at DaVinci (see this post), and he promptly shipped me a replacement Ascent and assured me that the second generation Ascent is much better than what came out during launch.

Box design has remained the same
Box design has remained the same

After receiving the replacement a few days ago, I noticed that there are quite a few differences between the two Ascent models, the most notable differences being the following:

  • The first thing that I noticed about the new Ascent is that it has a small interlocking latch to hold the base securely in place. The old Ascent didn’t have a latch, and if you weren’t careful you could push the base a little too far in the opposite direction which risked breaking it. The latch also makes the base feel much better attached to the rest of the unit.
  • Secondly, I noticed a big difference between the model 1 and model 2 Ascent’s control buttons. The first gen model had buttons which stuck out from the vaporizer, whereas the newer model hasbuttons which are flush with the rest of the unit. These new buttons seem more durable and less likely to pop off if you’re keeping the Ascent in your pocket.
  • Thirdly, I noticed that the second generation Ascent had a more detailed manual explaining the vaporizer’s advanced functions. The first generation model went way less in depth which madelearning how to use the advanced functions much more difficult.
  • Although it will take more time to see if I run into the same battery issue (after 3 months it no longer held a charge) I had with the first generation Ascent. However, I have been assured by DaVinci that the circuitry of the Ascent has also been upgraded, fixing the phantom battery drain issue.
  • A final interesting (but non-essential) feature is the addition of a serial number to the inside of the unit, next to the herb chamber. I assume the serial number was included in order to allow DaVinci to keep track of different batches of Ascents for quality control purposes (which is definitely a good thing).
The second generation Ascent (right) uses silicone cured in-house.
The second generation Ascent (right) uses silicone cured in-house.

As you can see, DaVinci has made a large number of positive changes to the Ascent, and I have yet to have any issues with the second generation model. Like most first generation tech products (the Xbox 360 comes to mind), the Ascent had its share of issues, but DaVinci is working hard to make things right.

If you’ve been having issues with your Ascent portable vaporizer, don’t hesitate to contact DaVinci on their website. They stand behind their vaporizer and will honor warranties for anyone who has problems!

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0 thoughts on “First and Second Generation DaVinci Ascents Compared

  1. how do you feel the gen two stacks up against things like the solo and pax? this thing looks awesome, but i’m not sure if i need to wait for more reviews, to be sure there are no further issues.

  2. I find the Ascent is much easier to clean than the pax (just soak the glass parts in alcohol), and more portable than the solo. I’ve been using the Ascent almost daily while outside in cold (-1C) weather without any problems.

  3. Will I buy another Ascent. No. In less than three months I have my third one coming under warranty. The first one broke at the hinge. The second the silicon gasket has come away from covering the top of the ceramic bowl. And the programmable settings seem to have a mind of their own. Every time you touch the settings button it goes straight into “Adjust Vape Cycles” . A closed loop that you can’t get out of by following the instructions, the adjustments do not work the way either user’s manual directs. Altogether, the concept is fine but it needs work. Give us the option to defeat the “Vape Cycles” or delete the feature. I wouldn’t use even one of them , much less three cycles. Why, with a capacity to hold more than 20 minutes worth of material does it only allow twenty minutes before it shuts itself off. Is it a Motion Sensor timer or an Auto-Sleep timer?
    On-Off, Temperature Up and Down is all it really needs. the rest is unnecessary complexity.
    Problem is , when it works it works very nicely. My new one is staying in the box and being sold.

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