Redesigned Firewood II Herb Chamber
The Redesigned Firewood II Herb Chamber

Having reviewed the Original Firewood here on Vaporblog, I concluded that it was a low priced yet high quality portable vape. The Firewood II builds on the original’s proven formula and adds a larger herb chamber for a more complete vaporization experience. After spending the past several days using the Firewood II, I decided to publish my review.

My Firewood 2

The kit came in simple packaging with a Firewood II, instruction manual, and charger. Upon first glance the unit appears to be very similar externally to the original model (sleek and portable), but the herb chamber has been redesigned. Rather than just a wooden hole to place your herbs in, there is now a fairly large glass bowl which sits snugly within a glass enclosure inside the unit. This design makes cleaning easier, and the glass also ensures a more even heat compared to the original model. Due to the bowl’s design, I do not recommend using concentrates in the Firewood II as they run the risk of leaking on to the heating element. The unit has a solid build quality, and I find that the wood adds a nice design aesthetic.

After charging my unit for a few hours, I filled my bowl with some herbs and set off to see how the Firewood II performs. As with the original model, the Firewood II uses a push button heating system, and it takes a little practice to get the hang of it. In my experience the best strategy is to hold down the heat button for about twenty five seconds (to warm up the unit), and then start taking a slow drag and release the button while continuing to inhale (for up to twenty seconds). You should also stir the herb once or twice to ensure even vaporization. I noticed that the draw is a lot smoother on the II, and although I didn’t get clouds of vapor, I got enough to give me a pleasant buzz. These times are only guidelines, so make sure to experiment with them to see what works best for you (but be careful because the mouthpiece can get quite hot during use).

Mouthpiece and herb chamber with semi-vaped herb

The battery is quite long lasting (2200mAh), and you should be able to get about 5-6 bowls per charge depending on your usage habits. Another cool feature of the Firewood II that wasn’t present in the original model is that like the DaVinci Ascent (review here), you can use it while its plugged in and charging (which is great for while you’re at home!). Although the Firewood II has several positives, it does have a few downsides as well. Firstly, the mouthpiece design can allow for finely ground herb to get into your mouth (I tried to stick to non-ground bud), and it can’t really be used with concentrates. Furthermore, the Firewood II has a learning curve with long warm-up times, so achieving optimal vaporization temperatures takes practice and experimentation.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the Firewood II’s performance. It has good battery life, is highly portable, and the larger herb chamber allows for longer vape sessions without having to replace your bowl as often. At just $89 (for the unfinished model), the Firewood II is a great improvement over the original while still maintaining the same attractive price. If you’re looking for an entry-level portable vaporizer, I highly recommending trying out the Firewood II, but don’t expect it to provide big clouds of vapor.

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