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Is The Firefly 2 Vaporizer A Game Changer?

The second iteration of the portable vaporizer by Firefly is the Firefly 2 and it is one you will want to check out. It is an on-demand portable vaporizer with dynamic convection. The company was founded in 2012 in the city of San Francisco and quickly became noticed. The original Firefly was a game-changer because of its heat up times and Firefly 2 is even faster. In fact, in as little as three to five seconds you can start your session with the Firefly 2 which is super fast.

Another factor that made the original Firefly so great was how low-maintenance it was but the newest version has the least amount of upkeep yet and far exceeds other portables made at this point which makes it super convenient. The one issue faced with the original Firefly was its limited battery life but the newest version has addressed that issue well and almost doubled the life span. The Firefly 2 is by far the cleanest tasting portable convection vaporizer available which makes it super pleasurable.

Anyone who wants a smooth and cool temperature while also getting a premium taste will find that similar to the original FF, this new unit is perfect.  It's also great for those who want really fast sessions because Firefly 2 heats up so quickly and its features also make it good for those who want to split bowls into two different sessions.

Full Review of the Firefly 2 Vaporizer

The Firefly 2 is a full one-third smaller and less than half the weight of the original Firefly. In fact, this new version is very much the size and weight of the air vaporizers in part because they switched from stainless steel bodies to those made of magnesium alloy. Even though the Firefly 2 is not super discreet, its ability to heat up fast for quick sessions and the fact that it has very little smell compared to other portable vaporizers, it's super easy to use discreetly.

Firefly 2 Accessories

This unit has two batteries that can be easily swapped and this is nice considering that most others come with only a single battery. It also comes with a complete cleaning kit that includes a multi-sided brush, two toothpick sword tools, and a couple of alcohol wipes. It comes with concentrate pads and a USB charging dock.

Heater And Vapor Path

The Firefly 2 has a 50-watt heater along with the borosilicate glass bowl. It features 6 different heat settings. 5 of those are used for dry herbs and the last one is used for concentrates. This unit is capable of reaching 400° Fahrenheit in 3 seconds and can get to 420 degrees Fahrenheit in 5 seconds.

Remarkably, the glass bowl doesn't release much of the heat. This means that you can easily put your finger in the chamber and hold on to it for as long as 10 seconds before your finger starts to get warm. This is one of the reasons why it's so good at being able to take single bowls and use them in multiple sessions because the herb is only being heated when you're drawing.

In order to increase the airflow, the Firefly 2 has made a 55 hole pattern in the bottom of the bowl. Even so, it still glows a bit when you first ramp it up which looks cool. If you're trying to be discreet, however, you can still put your hand over the glow so it doesn't show.

Firefly 2 IOS and Android Application

There is an application available for both the Android and for iOS for the Firefly 2. They connect using Bluetooth technology. The app will allow you to check the battery life, change the temperature, and to alter some of the other settings.

The different temperature settings include 340, 360, 380, 400, and 420 degrees Fahrenheit and for the concentrates, you can set it at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit is by far one of the easiest vapes to clean. Because of this fact, you can go a longer period of time between cleaning it while maintaining good performance. The bowl doesn't have a screen that needs to be replaced or cleaned. Using a little bit of alcohol and a paper towel you can just simply wipe out the bowl.

Once you clean the bowl you then wipe down the vapor path which includes the head and the body and boom. Once those things are clean you are done. It's possible to literally clean it in less than a minute. Users have found that they can easily vape 25 bowls or more before any noticeable degradation.

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Firefly 2 Battery Specs

As covered earlier, one of the biggest drawbacks in my opinion of the original Firefly was its battery life. The life of the battery per charge was very short and the original fireflies sometimes had the batteries degrade faster than expected. There's been a tremendous improvement with the Firefly 2 which has allowed for better efficiency in heating and the battery life has been doubled.

Even if you take the maximum draw of say 30 seconds every time, it still remains consistent. On average, it's been my experience that I can get 6 bowls for every charge when using dry herb and for each bowl, I can get six to eight draws up to 45 seconds each. As would be expected, the battery life is reduced some with concentrates.

I think most will agree that the amount of bowls per charge is good and with the unit coming with two batteries that can be easily swapped, it makes the situation with batteries comfortable. What makes it even better is the fact that the batteries can be charged in under 50 minutes and you can get an 80% charge in under 20 minutes. If you have an original Firefly charger you can use it for these batteries as well.


The Firefly 2 produces an amazing flavor and the vapor is cool. It makes using it efficient and enjoyable. There is a bit of technique required for getting the absolute best results but once you master it, it's easy and the fact that it requires almost no cleaning or maintenance makes it a great unit.

It's equally great for using concentrates. The ability to have 500 degrees Fahrenheit when using the concentrates gives it an amazing flavor and potent draws. You will find that it has to be stirred and mixed a little bit to get the best results, however. Simply by not packing it too tight, you'll be able to tap the bowl to get it stirred up.

If you have any questions about the Firefly 2, feel free to message Vapor Blog UK in the comments section below or via our Contact Page.

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