Easy Vape 5 Digital Vaporizer

We understand that not everyone has the time to read through our full reviews, but we here at Vaporblog think you will definitely be interested in this Easy Vape 5 Digital Vaporizer Review as this vape is truly one of a kind.

Build Quality: 85 percent
Performance: 80 percent
Cleaning/Maintenance: 75 percent
Price: 80% percent
Overall Rating: 80 percent

The Easy Vape 5 Digital Vaporizer is a greater starter vaporizer. While it requires a bit more work to operate than more expensive models and is a bit clunky, it certainly does get the job done.

While the Easy Vape has received lots of mixed reactions over the years, the Easy Vape 5 Digital is here to address most of its predecessor’s issues by changing how it operates and is more focused on delivering a better-tasting, higher-quality vapor. But is it any good?


The Easy Vape 5 Digital Vaporizer has a slanted box shape and is a far cry from the sleeker cylinder-shaped desktop vaporizers we’re used to using like in our Volcano vaporizer review. However, when it comes to cheaper vapes, there’s always some decisions to be made when it comes to design. Due to this, you can tell that the Easy Vape 5 has been designed to be a budget-friendly vaporizer, which means it does not have lots of frills. It is just a functional, simple vape.


Simply press the power button to turn on the vape. To get it warming up, you will want to push the set button. The device has plus and minus temperature control tabs, which you can use to adjust the vaporizer’s temperature. We recommend that you start out at lower temperatures to ensure you do not burn your herbs.

Allow up to four minutes for the device to warm up before you start vaping. As you wait for the vape to heat up, you can use this time to grind your herbs.

Easy Vape 5 Digital

It is worth noting that the Easy Vape 5 only works with herbs, which must be finely ground for the best results as it helps ensure that they do not burn.

Once the vape is heated up, place your herbs inside the whip and attach it to the device’s heating element. To do this, either turn the vaporizer upside down to make sure no herbs fall out or attach the whip quickly. While this may seem odd at first, you will soon get used to the process as you continue using the vaporizer.


It is worth noting that earlier versions of this vaporizer had some trouble providing even temperatures and burning the product even when the temperature was set at a certain level. We can confirm that we did not experience these problems with the new unit when we tried it. However, while they have improved the latest model, it still did not cook the product evenly. So, to ensure you do not burn up your herbs, use the tips we mentioned earlier. If you find that you are not getting the amount of vapor you want from the unit, increase the temperature a bit. The quality of the herb you also use matters when it comes to what level the vape burns the product. As such, experiment with the vaporizer a bit to see what will work for you.

For the device’s £69 price tag, do not expect much when it comes to accessories. For this price, the only things you will be getting are the vaporizer, a mouthpiece, a single screen, and the tubing. The display will most likely be the first part to need replacing. Fortunately, they’re sold in packs and are relatively-cheap. We recommend that you buy extra ones shortly after you’ve purchased the Easy Vape 5.

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The device comes with a digital readout that tells the vaporizer’s operating temperature. We like this feature because it eliminates most of the guesswork associated with vaping, making it easier for you to control how you vape. It is not a feature that you usually see at around this price point, so we rather appreciated it.


– Sturdy craftsmanship
– Digital temperature readout
– One of the best low-priced desktop vaporizers in the market Cons:

– Can be hard to load herbs without spilling
– Bland design

Sure, there are lots of better-quality vaporizers out on the market right now, but they all cost more. The Easy Vape 5 is the most-economical, reasonable-quality desktop vaporizer available on the market today. So, while it is not one of our favourites, we still give it some extra points for the quality and value it has to offer.

It is an excellent present for anyone who’s thinking about vaping. At the same time, it is reasonably priced for an introductory vaporizer. The package is reasonably durable even though it comes with very little in the way of amenities and extras.

If you’ve been using a really good, high-quality vaporizer, it can be a pain to fall back to something of this quality. Nevertheless, it serves as an excellent secondary vape in case your volcano hybrid vaporizer breaks down or you want to vape with your friends and do not want your best one to get damaged.

The Easy Vape 5 does get the job done – that’s all! So, if you like simple things, this should do the work.

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