Dray Vaporizer

The Dray Vaporizer is the latest, portable, dry herb vaporizer from highly rated American company MigVapor. A successor to the infamous Matrix vaporizer, the Dray Vaporizer has been further improved upon and repurposed with added features such as haptic feedback and faster heat up time.

Engineered with a strong, quality aluminium body, The Dray Vaporizer is covered in a durable outer rubber coating, designed with a unique and novel tire-tread design, giving a firm solid grip to this aesthetically pleasing device.

This sturdy vaporizer has a nice solid weight yet is surprisingly light, weighing only 100g similar to the PAX 3. At 3.9 inches tall the Dray Vaporizer fits nicely and discreetly into the palm of your hand, and your pocket.

Removing the magnetic mouthpiece reveals a large quartz chamber capable of holding a generous .5g of dry herb. It is this chamber that is instrumental in The Dray Vaporizer ability to provide incredibly tasty, cool vapour.

Performance is powered by a supercell 1800mAh battery that fully charges in less than 2 hours using the USB cable provided, allowing for approximately one hour of quality vaping depending on usage.

The Dray vaporizer is incredibly easy to use with one power button and two temperature buttons. Simply hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on, after which the device will vibrate and the display screen will turn on.

Dray Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Dray vaporizer provides precision temperature control to a single degree, allowing you to choose any temperature between 385°F to 430°F. This is ideal for those who want to experience both tasty terpenes and discrete clouds.

An intuitively easy to read digital OLED display screen displays the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit and shows the current battery life.

The Dray Vaporizer provides quality, smooth, cool vapour, no doubts owing to its quartz chamber, ceramic heating element, and stainless steel vape path all of which combine to deliver quality vapour that rivals vaporizers in the upper echelons of the vaping world such as the Plenty.

We found the flavour you can get from this powerhouse of a vaporizer is similar to that of the Mighty. The clouds were discreet at the lower temperatures while leaving you the option for greater cloud production at the higher temperatures.

The Dray vaporizer utilizes a dual heating system of both convection and conduction technology that evenly heats your herb every time, leaving you with quality AVB afterwards.

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With an incredibly fast heat up time of 30-50 seconds, The Dray Vaporizer will have you vaping in no time.

Built with safety in mind, the Dray Vaporizer has an inbuilt shut-off feature which will turn the device off after 3 minutes.

Dray Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Dray Vaporizer is really easy to clean and comes with que tips and a cleaning tool. It also comes with an additional screen which comes in handy when you need to soak your screen but wants to continue vaping in the meantime.

What’s in the Box:

  • User Manual
  • Que Tips
  • USB Charger
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Tweezers
  • Extra Screen
  • Stirring Tool


We were highly impressed by the Dray Vaporizer quality of build and its ability to provide sublimely cool, smooth vapour, and incredible taste.

It is an ideal vaporizer for use both indoors and in particular for outdoor activities as it is highly durable, discreet and The vapour dissipates quickly.

An affordable yet powerful device, the Dray Vaporizer is a portable dry herb device that every vape enthusiast should have in their collection.

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