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So, DaVinci have come out with the smallest portable dry herb vape available on the market to date – so what’s all the fuss about? We compared the new MIQRO with its wise elder the IQ, to mark up the pros and cons of each device and see what exactly has changed.

Size and Weight

The biggest difference between the IQ and the new MIQRO model is its size (Miqro=micro, in case you missed it). While the IQ was still an easily portable and palm-friendly model, DaVinci have truly pushed the boundaries of just how compact a portable vape can be.
Measuring in at 1.34″ W x 3.13″ H x 0.91″ D, the MIQRO is 33% smaller than the older IQ model, which by comparison measured 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D. It’s also considerably lighter than its predecessor, with the MIQRO weighing in at 3.5oz while the IQ clocks in at 5oz.

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Heat up Time

While DaVinci had improved upon the original IQ technology in so many aspects, the one place where the MIQRO falls short is in the longer heat up time. While the MIQRO is ironically a much smaller device, it takes over twice as long as the IQ to reach optimum vaping temperature.

DaVinci Miqro
While the IQ takes a mere 16 seconds to reach optimum temperature, the MIQRO takes over twice as long and won’t reach optimum vaping temperature until after 30-60 seconds, depending on how much power you have left in your battery.

Battery Capacity & Charging time

This is one area that DaVinci have radically improved with the MIQRO, which charges twice as fast as the IQ. MIQRO is powered by a much smaller 18350 battery, as opposed to the 3500mAh 18650 battery with the IQ, so there is a little bit of give and take with this feature. The MIQRO batteries last for approximately 30-40 minutes of continuous use, and presuming you have both batteries for your MIQRO fully charged, you’ll get at least an hour of continuous use. In comparison, the IQ batteries can last between 80 to 120 minutes per battery, thanks to their larger size and power. Your MIQRO will reach full battery capacity in just 1.5-2 hours tops, while the IQ can take 3 hours to reach full charge.

DaVinci Miqro


With the smaller size of the MIQRO, DaVinci also downsized come of the digital features and extras from the original IQ model. While the IQ featured an add-on Bluetooth app, Smartpaths technology, and 51 LEDs for precision control of temperature settings, these features are not available on the MIQRO – however, the IQ’s new baby brother still has considerable temperature control to cater to all vaping tastes.

To develop the highly condensed MIQRO, DaVinci also did away with the additional flavour chamber which doubles as an extended cooling path in the larger IQ. While the MIQRO is a fraction of the size of the IQ, so is the warranty – the IQ warranty lasts 10 years, while the MIQRO warranty lasts just 5 (still better than guarantees offered by a lot of other models, though).

And there you have it! In our professional opinion, with all upgrades and downgrades in mind, the IQ and the MIQRO are still two amazing vapes. While the IQ may be better for the more frequent user, the MIQRO is the perfect choice for someone looking for a stealthy, affordable vape to use with friends on the go. VapoShop recommends the DaVinci MIQRO – offering users more flexibility and great tasting vapour.

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