My Ascent prior to unboxing

After waiting quite some time in anticipation, I finally received a DaVinci Ascent yesterday! After spending most of yesterday and today trying it out and playing around with it, I decided to release this review with my thoughts regarding this exciting new portable vaporizer. The Ascent has an all-glass vapor path as well as a digital LED screen.

First, I unboxed the Ascent from the packaging. The packaging was sleek and nice looking, and inside was a Stealth Ascent plus accessories. It has a matte finish and weighs a little more than my cellphone (and is also slightly thicker). The Ascent has a retractable glass mouthpiece, allowing it to fit comfortably in my pocket. The Ascent’s small size and futuristic looks make it highly portable, and most people who see you with it in public are likely to confuse it with a cellphone rather than think its a vaporizer!

Black DaVinci Ascent

The Ascent kit comes with two removable glass bowls to put your herb in, and the bowls are meant to be placed in the base of the unit (the base swivels to reveal the herb chamber). The bowls aren’t huge, but they are enough to produce some good vapor hits. The Ascent’s ability to increase the temperature came in really handy, as this enabled me to get more hits than I could normally from a portable. I usually found myself starting to vaporize at 400F and working my way up to 430F in 10 degree increments. This produced an even vaporization experience and gave me a few good hits, some of which were small clouds of vapor. Due to the size of the bowl, I found I could get about 8 nice (but not massive) hits which tasted smooth and clean. I did notice that if I used very finely ground herb (think coffee grinder consistency), there was a tendency for some of it to pass through the screen and into my mouth. Using a coarser grind didn’t cause this issue however.

The herb chamber
The herb chamber

The power button is located at the top, and once switched on it began to heat up rather quickly. The unit has a max temperature of 430F (221C), which is nearly as hot as some of my plugin vaporizers get. To get to a temperature of 400F, it took just under five minutes from a cold start, so warmup was quite fast. The unit maintains the desired temperature until its shut off. One thing to be aware of is that the base of the Ascent can get very hot while in use. I recommend holding it from the middle, and avoid putting it down on any heat sensitive surfaces (such as in your pocket) while you’re actively vaping. Also make sure not to open it up during use, as the herb chamber is very hot to the touch. The unit also stays quite hot for about 10 minutes after turning it off, so keep this in mind when refilling.

The Ascent with optional water tool adapter

The battery takes about five hours to fully charge, and the LED screen has a indicator to show current charge level. I found that the battery life varies depending on the heat level as well as how long you leave it on for, and I’m still trying to work on an exact number. However, I was able to get about three hours of use starting at 400F and working my way up to 430F on bowls (sometimes taking my time in between puffs). One bonus is that you can use the Ascent while its charging, essentially giving you unlimited use when within reach of a charger. There’s even a timer option that lets you set temperatures in specific intervals (ie: 3 mins @ 400F, 2.45 @ 410F) which I found to be really neat.

The Ascent has a number of removable glass parts (including the mouthpiece, glass stem, and bowl), making it very easy to clean out completely using an isowash on the parts. The glass fits securely while inside the Ascent, but be careful about dropping the pieces while they are outside the unit, as they can shatter.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the Ascent, and its definitely one of my favorite portable vapes. The Ascent is discreet, feels solid, and looks stylish to boot! The all-glass vapor path also makes it easy to clean. The Ascent is a feature-rich and great vaporizer for the ultimate vapor connoiesseur.


All glass vapor path



  • Fast warm-up time
  • Sleek, portable design
  • Can be used while charging
  • Feature rich


  • Base gets very hot during use
  • Very finely ground herb can come through the mouthpiece
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12 thoughts on “DaVinci Ascent Review

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    1. first of all bowl is way too small(for raw stuff) no one wants to keep refilling ,second the glass they used is cheap not even pyrex so if you do get one take the glass and bring them to a glass blower if you know any (replaced mine with thicker pyrex finer holes in screen and more of them works much better)

  2. My my first pull off the Da Vinci Ascent I fell in love with the unit. Not only is this the best tasting vapor delivery i have ever tasted, you can dial in a precise temp to control the density of the vapor as well as the amount of essence you are extracting from herb or oil.

  3. If you place the large mesh screen over the holes in the bottom of the ceramic heating chamber, and the small mesh screen over the top of your load, you can grind as fine as you want, and it won’t get sucked in to the mouthpiece.

    Also, if you start at 350 degrees, and work your way up to 400, stopping at 350, 390, 400 degree stops, you can get a good sesh with the unit. Da Vinci also suggests placing one of the glass jars on TOP of the load in the ceramic bowl to cause indirect heating to assist in the vaporization process. Just leave the rubber stopper off the bowl, and place it holes down on top of your product. This will also help you conserve product, without sacrificing your experience.

  4. Also, as you’ve probably already figured out, the glass jars are for oils and concentrates. Dry is supposed to be used directly in the ceramic bowl built in to the unit bottom.

  5. Awesome unit, my first vape, based on research it sounded the best for my frequent use, and whilst it retains good taste and works solidly, the bowl gets pretty stained and even if glass tubes are kept clean, the draw resistance tends to increase over time.

    I have a question regarding the bowl opening, I understand you shouldn’t open whilst hot to prevent harming yourself. Is there also a risk that the silicon, whilst hot, is more sensitive to damage when the thin seal slides over the hard plastic of the top part? I ask this because my unit has almost entirely lost this thin ring seal, bit by bit.

  6. I’m reading an dude says it takes 5 mins to warm up yea he must be smoking some good stuff because it only takes about 50-60 sec to get yo 430

  7. In this blog, I’ll be the odd-person out. I did my research. I heard from someone I trust(ed) who really liked the DaVinci. I didn’t see the worse reviews until after I spent too much money on this thing.

    1. It takes about ten hours for the first full charge, not five. After using it the first time, five hours is fine.
    2. I’m a computer geek but found the manual worthless.
    3. I purchased this over the internet but with prices = locally, I would’ve been better off buying it here. Customer service or their “squad” gave incorrect and inconsistent information, so they were
    worthless. I went locally to learn how to do a few things.
    4. Glass should be better than plastic or rubber tubing but it’s so thin that an easy movement will break the glass. All this hoopla about how great glass is goes done the drain.
    5. Fine or coarse grounds find their way into my mouth. It seemed intuitive to just put a fine screen at the bottom. gosh, could more grounds escape if I didn’t do that? I started with coarse and the “support” person said go finer – sounded counter-intuitive and it was!
    6. It takes about 90 seconds to get to 375-380 degrees. Five minutes … seriously, something’s wrong.
    7. I loathe the instability of the device. It can’t stand on its own and easily falls over. Be careful handling it.

    My suggestion is for products like this, buy them locally. I didn’t but despite that, local stores have been helpful. For my use, I’m never spending this much on this type of device again. It’s so not worth it. Can’t wait for the lithium battery to die. Changing that will likely be a nightmare.

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