VapeXNailsThe VapeXnail is an accessory for the VapeXhale Cloud Evo which is designed specifically for use with cannabis concentrates (such as dabs). According to VapeXhale, “by utilizing the Cloud EVO™ technology, the VapeXNail™ attachment efficiently extracts concentrate using up to 50% less oil”. Prior to using the VapeXhale nail, I’ve used domeless nails, the Ascent oil jar, as well as a number of vape pens, and as a Cloud Evo fan I was curious to see how the VapeXnail would perform.

My Cloud Evo with VapeXNail inserted

After unpacking my two nails from the kit, I noticed that they are made out of durable borosilicate glass. I accidentally dropped one of the nails from a height of 4ft and didn’t experience any shattering which was good (although I don’t recommend doing this!) Using the nail kit is simple, and no blowtorch is required. First, turn your Cloud Evo’s temperature dial up so that it is almost at maximum (concentrates require higher temps than standard loose leaf does), and let it heat up. Next, place your desired amount of concentrate inside the bottom of the nail (I recommend using a stir stick to do this), and then put the nail inside your Cloud Evo. Finally, attach the mouthpiece (or hydratube of your choice) and enjoy! I’ve been using my VapeXnail with concentrates for over two weeks now and combined with my Hydratube the system has been producing incredibly smooth vapor and is easy to clean. In terms of efficiency, I definitely felt like I was using less oil than other methods of consumption due to how evenly (and hot!) the Cloud Evo heats up the nail. Because of the high heat, make sure to let your nails cool down adequately before you try using them again. I suggest cleaning the VapeXnail from time to time by allowing it to soak in high proof grain alcohol and wiping the insides with a thin brush to remove any stubborn residue.  Also make sure never to flip your Cloud Evo upside down while a VapeXnail is inserted as the nail will fall out!

Concentrates get placed inside on the bottom of the nail.

As a whole, I love the VapeXnail for its convenience and efficiency. Paired with the SideCirc Hydratube, my Cloud Evo has become its become my one stop solution for vaping concentrates while I’m at home as it provides an extremely smooth experience without having to mess around with blowtorches. I recommend the VapeXnail to anyone who is looking for a simple and efficient way to vaporize concentrates, and the only possible downside I can think of is portability. Aside from the standard VapeXnail There’s also a quartz VapeXnail kit available, but I have yet to try it! If you think that this vaporizer might be for you check out the Desktop vs Portable vaporizer guide on VaporBlog!

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