Boundless CFX Vaporizer

How Does It Stack Up Against The Mighty?

The highly popular Crafty and Mighty portable vaporizers have some new competition from Boundless Vapes. The Boundless CFX uses dry herb conduction which helps maintain a high-quality flavor and satisfying clouds. The company is also the maker of the smaller and cheaper Boundless CF vaporizer.

The Boundless CFX is easy to use with 1.7” LCD panel and vape temp buttons right on the front. The LCD display tells you exactly what the temperature is. The Boundless CFX heats up fast and includes an oversized chamber so it is great to use with friends. For the price, the Boundless CFX has more features and higher performance than its competitors.

Below is a more complete review of what I’ve found on the Boundless CFX.

Full Review of the Boundless CFX Vaporizer

If you are looking for the smallest vaporizer, the CFX is not it. The CFX is a little larger because of its features and larger chamber. It still feels great in your hand and will fit easily in a pocket. It is a little smaller than the Mighty, making it easier to carry. You can tuck it away in a backpack pocket, a jacket pocket, or slide it into a purse with ease.

A larger size is not really a negative, either. It is easier to hold in your hands and never gets dropped when you pass it among friends. The larger bowl is what makes the CFX popular for group sessions, too.

The Boundless CFX vaporizer is about the same width and length as a cell phone. It is 5” tall and 2.75” wide. The thickness is where it is different. It is 1.25” thick. It is 34 grams lighter than the Mighty, weighing in at only 241 grams. The lighter weight makes it more comfortable to carry in your pocket.

Since the CFX has a larger bowl, it also has a larger oven. It can hold up to .5 grams, but the ideal amount to load in your CFX is around .15 to .2 grams. It seems to give a better quality vape at those levels.

Review of The CFX Vaporizer’s Other Features

Accessories for the Boundless CFX

Your CFX vaporizer from Boundless Vapes includes a DC charger. It charges quickly, usually getting to a full charge in 30 to 45 minutes. If you use a USB charging cable, it can take up to 2 to 3 hours to hit a full charge but works great when you forgot to bring your DC charger along. You will find a manual tucked away in the box with full instructions on using your CFX. Boundless Vapes include a wax/concentrate pad, packing tool and cleaning brush in the box, too.

Temperature Range, Heater, and Vape Path

The Boundless CFX has a ceramic chamber which is heated using a ceramic heater. They used medical grade plastic for the vapor path. The heater provides an adjustable temperature spectrum from 100-430F.

One thing you may have found annoying with other vaporizers is the heat up time. The CFX is fast. It can heat to 400F in 20 seconds. How many vaporizers have you seen that can claim that fast of time?

The Boundless CFX provides great vapor density and can have you sitting in clouds if you want. It stays cool and provides a great flavor that stays smooth. Keep in mind, you may need to do a few burn-offs when you first buy your CFX to get a completely neutral taste. That is true for almost any vaporizer. The quality of the vapor with the CFX is very good for its low price.

The CFX Vaporizer Chamber

All vaporizers have weak points and so does the Boundless CFX. The version I have has a screen in the vapor path that clogs up more often than I expected. I have to clean it a little more often than I like. Boundless Vapes caught this problem and has fixed it in their newer models. The draw has a little more resistance than some other vaporizers but is still very good. It is comparable to the Solo or Arizer Air on draw resistance. Make sure you get one of the newer units so you don’t need to clean as often.

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Now that I’ve complained about the screen, let me tell you what it is not that big of a deal. The screen can be quickly removed and replaced with a more free-flowing screen.

OLED Display – The CFX Vaporizer Tells the Story

The 1.7” OLED screen on the Boundless CFX is great. You can read the temperature easily, so you instantly know when it warmed up and ready. The up and down buttons let you change the temperature easily. It is very easy to read the screen in sunlight, but that does create one small disadvantage. The screen stays just as bright at night, so stands out in dark. You may want to cover it with your hand when using it outside in the dark.

The easy to use temperature buttons come in handy when you begin a session. I like to start the session off a little cooler at around 360F. Then I gradually increase the temperature to 380F and finally to 400F to make sure I get all the vapor density possible from the herbs. You will know it is finished when the vapor density decreases and the herbs have turned a deeper brown.

Taking Care of Your CFX

Taking care of your CFX is easy. The vape chamber and screen are easy to clean. The screen is a little harder. As I mentioned before, the screen tends to clog a little easier than some screens. You will want to clean the screen when it is still slightly warm. If you let it cool down, the included brush is a bit too soft and does not work as effectively. If you replace your stock screen with a different screen, you will avoid these issues. The unit works perfectly all of the time. I have never experienced any software glitches to date.

At the end of your session, you can quickly clean your CFX with it is still cooling. Give the mouthpiece a quick turn to remove it, tap out the herbs, and use the brush to clean the screen. The herbs usually fall out easily when the unit is still warm, but using the brush lets you get the chamber and screen perfectly clean and ready for your next session.

I know I said the stock screen isn’t perfect, but if you take care of it, it works great. If you clean the screen after each session it works flawlessly. So maybe the problem has been my laziness, not the CFX. The only time that could present a problem is when you are loading the chamber repeatedly with friends. You may need to take a short break and clean the screen to make sure the draw resistance stays where you like it.

Keeping the Power On – Battery and Charging Options

Boundless Vapes used two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries in the CFX. The batteries are rated at 7.4 Volts and 2500mAh. The batteries cannot be replaced. You will get about 60 minutes of use out of a single charge. You will need about 30 minutes to recharge the batteries if you use the included DC charger plugged into an outlet. If you have to use the USB charging cable while you are on the go, it will take closer to 2 or 3 hours to get a full charge.

Quick Comparison

The Boundless CFX is probably a little bigger than some people want, but the features and ability to share with my friends is what I really liked. The display is one of the best on the market, even if it is a bit too bright for outdoor use at night. The temperature spectrum makes sure you get the most pleasure from your herbs. The CFX may not be right for everyone, but it is a great product at an excellent price.

If you prefer a smaller vaporizer, you should take a close look at the CF. It performs just like the CFX but has a smaller form factor that you will probably like. You will lose the adjustable temperatures and the great screen that is on the CFX. The other disadvantage to the CF is its lower battery life and longer charging times. It is still a great buy at an affordable price point, if you think the CFX is too large for your needs.


Boundless Vapes hit a home run with their first pair of portable dry herb vaporizers. The CF and CFX are solid products which compete well with the Mighty and Crafty. They do not have quite the features of those two, but they are at a much better price point, meaning they could be the best choice for you.

If money is not important, the Mighty is the better overall vaporizer with lower draw resistance and less required maintenance. You need to ask yourself, does that justify it being twice the price of the feature-rich CFX?

Imagine getting a vaporizer that can heat to a full 400F in 20 seconds and has adjustable temperatures. The clouds of vapor you can produce is impressive. At half the price of the Mighty, it is a true bargain.

VapoShop is where I got my CFX and they provided great customer service and competitive prices. I highly recommend them. They are an authorized retailer for Boundless Vapes and ship your vaporizer in discrete packaging and fast.


The Boundless Vapes CFX vaporizer is packed with great features at a low price. You get fast heat up times of 20 seconds and can adjust your temps from 100F to 420F. The average battery life of 1 hour is excellent. The larger size makes it a bit harder to put in your pocket but will fit. Thanks again for readingVapor Blog UK's review.

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