I recently came across a fairly interesting vaporizer which is often sold at marijuana dispensaries alongside other vapes. Known as the Atmos Raw. The Atmost Raw is a small and discreet pen style vaporizer designed only for cannabis concentrates instead of regular loose leaf vaporizers (however, Atmos does produce a dry herbs attachment in case you want to vaporize loose leaf instead of concentrates)

The Atmos Raw heating element
The Atmos Raw heating element

Upon a careful inspection of the unit, it appears to be a re-branded version of the popular eGo-T electronic cigarette produced by Joyetech, but some modifications have been made in order to allow it to vaporize concentrates rather than e-liquid. The vaporization temperature of the Raw is 190C (375F), which is a little low on the heat side for vaporizer (I like to vaporize between 180-220C). The heating element and herb chamber are made from ceramic, which gives off heat while at the same time remaining safe for use at high temperatures. After placing some concentrate in the bowl, I held down the power button and took a few short puffs to prime the heating element. I soon began to get good amounts of vapor comparable to vapes like the MFLB. My concentrate lasted quite some time, and the pen style design of the Raw made the experience similar to puffing on a joint once you get used to it. I didn’t get the chance to try the loose leaf attachment, so I can’t comment on how that performs.

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The Raw comes in a number of colors
The Raw comes in a number of colors

The Atmos Raw has a long battery life, and the manufacturer claims that it can get 72 hours of regular use out of its high capacity lithium ion battery, and takes about two hours to fully charge. However, for daily users this number can be reduced to somewhere around 40 hours in my experience. The battery lasts a long time because unlike other vaporizers, the Raw only turns on when you take a puff (instead of continuous heat operation). This design does lead to a few problems however.

One of the main problems I had with the Atmos Raw is that the vaporization temperature isn’t consistent, and as a result sometimes your herb is not evenly vaped (although I have heard that this is more of a problem when using the loose leaf attachment than the concentrate version). Furthermore, the Raw sometimes gets too hot and burns your herb, especially if you take large, long puffs. In addition, the herb chamber is relatively small compared to some other portable vaporizers on the market (such as the Arizer Solo), and is about the same size as a Vaporgenie Classic.

Overall, the Atmos Raw is an interesting and highly portable vape at an attractive price point (sitting in between the MFLB and PAX Ploom), and has great battery life. However, the lack of steady temperature produces some downsides and can be especially annoying for those who enjoy vaporizing loose leaf cannabis. If you’re looking for a portable vape specifically for concentrates, then the Atomos Raw may be something for you to consider. The Atmos comes with a 3-year warranty on the ceramic heater as well as the battery.

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