My Aromed 4.0 Vaporizer

Manufactured by a small German manufacturer, the Aromed 4.0 is an electronic whip vaporizer which uses a halogen lightbulb as a heating element. It also has its own built in waterpipe in order to cool the vapor before it reaches your lungs. Upon unpacking the unit, I really enjoyed the design. Although it may not be appealing for some, I found that it resembled a piece of 1970s lab equipment, and it was a really cool and unique design.

Setting up the Aromed unit can be a little tricky. You need to position the heating element just right into the bowl in order to ensure maximum vapor production. After some experimentation, I found that its best to have the element placed about 0.5″ above your herb in order to get the most out of the bud. Also make sure to only fill the waterpipe about 1/4 of the way full, otherwise you risk getting some water in your mouth during inhalation. I also recommend placing the waterpipe inside the holder attached to the unit, as it can be easy to accidentally tip it over otherwise.

Upon loading a bowl and turning the unit on, it took less than two minutes to heat up to a usable temperature (the 4.0 has a max temperature of 235C; I set mine to 200C and worked up to 215C during most sessions). The warm-up time was one of the fastest I’ve seen with a vaporizer (about a minute and a half), and it was nice being able to use the vape pretty much right away. The bowl itself was quite large, and I had no trouble sharing a bowl with two other friends one night, and both my friends were impressed with the vapor production of the unit. As you inhale, the light also becomes brighter (which is especially fun at night!). The built-in waterpipe works to cool the vapor, and I got some incredibly smooth hits using the 4.0, even compared to my Extreme Q and attached waterpipe. The 4.0 also comes with a digital temperature gauge, as well as buttons to increase or decrease temperature by one degree increments.

Although the Aromed 4.0 is an excellent vaporizer, it does have a few drawbacks. Firstly, the heating element can be difficult at times to properly insert into the bowl, and if the light isn’t placed just right (and close to the herb) it can reduce the amount of vapor produced. Secondly, because of the way the unit is built, you must wait for the unit to cool off before you can re-load a new bowl (it does cool down fairly fast however). The positioning also makes it hard to mix up the bowl halfway through, although the unit does vape your herb fairly evenly even without mixing. Finally, the Aromed lacks a way to effectively vaporize liquid concentrates like BHO (you can vape hash, just sandwich it in between some cannabis), which may be a downside for some.

Overall, the Aromed 4.0 is easily one of my favorite vaporizers that I’ve tried so far. Not only does it produce a nice, smooth vapor,  but it also looks really cool and has a fast warm up time. I also liked the included plastic carrying case, which made transport of the unit easy (just make sure to keep the glass parts in bubble wrap since it doesn’t come with holders for the glass). I also really enjoyed the halogen heating element, as I found that it produced very smooth and consistent vapor hits. The 4.0 costs approximately 370 Euros.

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