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Manufactured by Arizer (the makers of my beloved Extreme Q) the Arizer Solo is a portable vaporizer designed to be discreet and portable.

Once I loaded the bowl, I initially experimented with several heat settings. Being someone who prefers to vaporize at higher temperatures, I found that starting at 5 and working my way to 7 was the best combination for me (but I recommend experimenting to find your ideal range).

Arizer Solo - VaporBlog

The best way to pack the bowl was to lightly fill it with finely ground bud, and then very lightly push the bud down with my finger.

For review purposes, I used some high-quality medicinal grade marijuana in my Solo in order to get maximum vapor production. After a minute or two of warmup (you may need to take a few puffs as well before the vapor starts flowing), the Solo was producing thick, tasty, hits of vapor which were quite pleasant.

The bowl was finished evenly, and I found the entire process to be quite easy and enjoyable. The Solo has an auto-shutoff switch that activates after 12 minutes in order to prevent overheating and excessive battery drain. It also makes use of a ceramic heater (just like the Extreme Q), and the heating element comes with a lifetime warranty.

Battery Life

On a full charge, I was able to get 3.5 hours of real-world use out of the battery, which is much better than having to replace batteries all the time on the MFLB. In comparison to the Pax Ploom, The Arizer Solo is slightly larger, making it a bit more difficult to conceal in certain situations.


Overall, the Solo is a great weed vaporizer. It produces high quality vapor, and has great battery life. I highly recommend getting a grinder, because the cannabis must be finely ground in order to achieve the best vaporization results.

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