The Air compared to a Nexus 5
The Air compared to a Nexus 5

Just prior to New Years, I received a package containing the recently released Air Portable Vaporizer from Arizer. As a fan of Arizer’s other vaporizers (the Arizer Solo Portable Vape and  Arizer Extreme Q desktop vape), I was excited to see how the new Air would perform.

My Air arrived in a small box which contained everything you need to get started with vaporizing loose leaf herbs. This includes the Air itself, a battery, two glass bowls, a carrying case, a silicon skin, a stir stick, and a charger. The first thing I noticed after holding the unit in my hand is that it feels solid and well built, and the design closely resembles that of the Inhalater INH-05 (except slightly heavier). With the bowls removed, the Air is small and easy to fit in your pocket, but it does become quite a bit longer when a bowl is attached. However, the included carrying case comes in pretty handy as it fits both the Air and two bowls comfortably while you’re out on the go. It’s also inconspicuous and can be holstered on your belt with ease. The bowls are glass and the mouthpieces are removable making them easy to clean using a wire brush and some high proof alcohol.

Arizer Air Portable Vape
Arizer Air Portable Vape

After grinding up some bud, I loosely packed it into the bottom compartment of the glass bowl and then placed the bowl into the unit. Rather than use a temperature gauge, the Air comes with five different heat presets that are indicated by a small light on the front of the unit. According to Arizer, the levels remain steady at the following temperatures:

  • Level 1 (Blue) – 180°C / 356°F
  • Level 2 (White) – 190°C / 374°F
  • Level 3 (Green) – 200°C / 392°F
  • Level 4 (Orange) – 205°C / 401°F
  • Level 5 (Red) – 210°C / 410°F
The Air and two bowls inside the carrying case
The Air and two bowls inside the carrying case

The Air has a ceramic heating element, and when using the Level 2 setting it took about two to three minutes before my unit warmed up fully. Once the light indicated my desired temperature had been reached, I began to take slow draws and was greeted by a smooth taste of vapor. One thing that I really enjoyed is that because of the way the bowl is designed it requires no stirring and my herb was always evenly cooked after a session. The unit got hot near the bowl while in use, but the included silicon skin can be placed on the Air to mitigate this.

Arizer Air VaporizerBattery
Replaceable 18650 battery

Much like the INH-05, the Air has a user replaceable 18650 battery which can be recharged either through the Air itself or via an external charger. On a full charge and medium setting, I got about 50 minutes of continuous use out of my Air. However, keep in mind that different temperature settings (and battery capacity if you’re using a replaceable battery) can add or subtract about ten to fifteen minutes on battery life in my experience. You can also use the Air while charging which is a plus.

One of the Arizer Air Vaporizer bowls
One of the Air bowls

Although I love using the Air due to its glass vapor path, it does have a few drawbacks. Firstly, the bowls can get hot (especially at the higher levels) during operation and need a few minutes to cool down before you can replace them, which can be a bit of a hassle while on the go. Secondly, due to the design of the bowl, I found it difficult to use any concentrates with the Air as they can leak into the heating chamber or clog the bowl. Finally, I did find the bowl to be a little small, but this was offset by being able to load a couple bowls at once.

Arizer Air Heating Element
The heat chamber

Overall, the Air is a great portable vape with solid build quality, and I recommend it to casual users who plan on vaping loose leaf both while at home and on the go. Furthermore, the even cooking of my herb was a big plus as almost all vapes require the occasional stir. However, power vapers may find themselves wishing that the air had a slightly larger bowl size as well as an add-on to vape concentrates. If you are looking to read up more about the Arizer Air 2 click here! Or if your looking to buy the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer click the image below.

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  1. On the subject of concentrates after several units over the years this and the solo and the best vaporizers for concentrate by a country mile… all you need to do is put a gauze inside the glass stem, then the concentrate and then a wire wool pad shaped so it snugly fits and stays in therefore sandwiching it and preventing it from falling in the bowl – I cut up a Volcano Liquid Pad Set which is idea for air flow x

  2. I bought the solo a year back, and still highly satisfied, but it is quite heavy so I don’t take it with me when I go out. Also because I am worried that the glasspipe might break.

    This is a lot smaller, I think this might be easier to always carry. Since it is way smaller the battery could also be a bit less powerfull. That is what I love about the Arizer solo that the battery is good for tens of “sessions”.

    So if you use it a lot and at home the solo is a good option!

    Happy vape-ing


  3. This unit is a nuisance to use and also embarrassing to use with others (especially if they know the cost of these things!). When used while charging it seems there is a glitch that keeps being referred to as the “cooling/transitional state”. This happens every 10 minutes and last for 2 to 17 minutes making the unit unusable. This does not happen with the Solo

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