Arizer Air 2 Box
Arizer Air 2 Box

Manufactured by Arizer, The Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer is the recently released successor to the highly popular Arizer Air portable vaporizer. As a fan of Both the Extreme Q and the original Arizer Air, I was super excited to see that the Air 2 had arrived at my doorstep just a few days ago! After playing around extensively with the Air 2 for the past several days, I decided to write my thoughts about the experience here on the blog!

First Impressions

Arizer Air 2 Box Inside
Arizer Air 2 Box Inside

The Air 2 came in a sleek box containing everything you need to get started with vaping. Soon after opening my box, I scanned the unit to see if I could find any obvious physical changes compared to the original Air. In terms of size, the Air 2 is very similar to the original Air which is already highly portable and takes up very little space while in its carrying case without weighing much. The only slight downside is that the glass herb bowl separates from the unit, so I recommend using the handy carrying case to keep everything together while on the go. The units are quite similar in construction, but the biggest noticeable visual change in comparison to the original Air is that the Air 2 has a screen which accurately displays precise temperatures as well as remaining battery life. The inclusion of a screen is an excellent improvement over the original Air as I always found myself forgetting what temperatures corresponded to the colored LEDs of the original. The bowl is the same size as the original Air (you can even use your stems from the original model with the Air 2!), and I can usually pack it with about .25 grams of high quality cannabis per session. In terms of temperature, the Air 2 is able to reach a maximum temperature of 220C (428F) compared to the original Air’s maximum of 210C (410F). Furthermore, whereas the original Air had only five pre-set temperatures which you could switch to via two buttons, the Air 2 has a temperature gauge which allows you to precisely choose the exact temperature you’re looking for in one degree increments. I find this is to be an excellent improvement as it allows you to achieve different vaporization effects by temperature tailored to suit your exact needs!

The Vaping Experience

Arizer Air 2 Portable VaporizerAfter loading the Air 2’s glass bowl with some high quality cannabis, I turned the unit on and set it to an initial temperature of 205C. I was impressed with the rapid heat up times of the unit, and it definitely reaches a usable temperature in a faster time than the original Air. The glass bowls are borosilicate, and the all glass vapor path ensures that you get the cleanest possible taste for your cannabis. I found the draw on the Air 2 to be slightly improved from the original Air, but there wasn’t a huge difference due to the similarity in vapor path between the two models. During my session I increased temperature from 205C up to 210, and then I did a final pass at 220C in order to extract as much as I could from my cannabis. On average my sessions lasted about ten minutes, and the end result was Already Vaped Bud (AVB) which was quite dark but not as dark as when I would use a vape capable of even higher temperatures (such as the Extreme Q). I do find 220C to be a vaporization sweet spot for me however, as it is a great compromise between extracting most of the cannabinoids from my cannabis while still preserving a great taste. Also don’t forget to store up your AVB as it has numerous uses as you can see in my AVB guide here!

Battery Life

In terms of battery, Arizer has made several excellent improvements to the Air 2. Firstly, the Air 2’s battery boasts an impressive 50% increase in capacity over the original Air, and I definitely noticed that on a full charge the Air 2 was able to last much longer than my original Air (although the exact battery life depends on the temperature you choose, so keep in mind that higher temperatures will use up a charge faster than lower ones!). Much like the Original Air, the Air 2 uses replaceable 18650 batteries which allows you to carry a spare and swap batteries quickly if you plan to use your Air 2 for an extended period of time away from a charging source (such as during fishing or camping trips!). Another great improvement is whereas the original Air used its own type of charge port, the Air 2 uses a standard micro USB port which makes charging the unit a breeze, especially when visiting friends. The new charging system also has a much-needed pass-through option, allowing you to vape while the battery is charging within the Air 2. Finally, the Air 2 also has a battery meter which allows you to accurately determine how much charge you have left. On average, it usually took around an hour an a half to fully charge the Air 2’s battery via the micro USB charge port, but you can also charge the battery (or multiple batteries) faster by purchasing a dedicated 18650 battery charger.

Overall Impressions

As a whole, I must say that I’m very impressed with the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer. It is a lot like the Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer as well. As the second edition of the Air portable vaporizer, Arizer took an already solid concept and made several well thought out improvements which in turn created a high quality and reliable device packed with awesome features. I highly recommend the Air 2 to those who are looking for a reliable portable vape experience at an affordable price point which is why it made it into the best vaporizer post here on VaporBlog.

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