My Personalized Sidekick With VaporBlog Logo!
My Personalized Sidekick With VaporBlog Logo!

Manufactured by 7th Floor Vapes, the Sidekick Portable Vaporizer is a durable conduction vaporizer with the ability to handle both loose leaf and concentrates with ease. After being fortunate enough to receive a personalized VaporBlog Sidekick, I decided to post an in depth review examining how the device performs!


Sidekick Portable Vaporizer Case
Sidekick Portable Vaporizer Case

After opening the shipping box, I found the Sidekick place nicely inside a high quality carrying case containing everything you need to start vaping with your unit. The case is soft and has two zippered slots which makes transporting the entire kit a breeze. However, the case is a little large so you’ll need to store it in a backpack or something similar while you’re on the go. However, you also have the option of just taking the Sidekick itself, and it should be able to fit comfortably in a pocket providing the pocket is empty. The unit itself feels durable and solidly built, and the outer shell is comprised of anodized aluminum with a bit of stainless steel covering the top. The vortex mouthpiece is manufactured with hand blown American glass and provides a nice touch to the unit. In order to ensure optimal operation, 7th Floor recommends that you lubricate the base of mouthpiece with coconut oil from time to time so it can be removed easily.


Sidekick's Temperature Settings
The Sidekick’s Temperature Settings

Aside from the Sidekick’s durable construction, the unit also has three control buttons as well as a small screen to indicate the current temperature setting, voltage, vape time, and remaining battery life. A total of 21 temperature settings ranging from 248f (120C) to 455F (235C) allows you to easily adjust the temperature of the herb chamber, and I recommend experimenting with the settings to see which one works best for your cannabis (see the chart to the right for the exact temperature settings available). For reference, 7th Floor recommends a setting of 5.5-8 for vaporizing your favorite herbs, and 7-9 is best for essential oils. The ceramic herb chamber can comfortably fit .25 grams of finely ground cannabis, and the heating element is ceramic producing a convection vaping effect by continuously cooking your herb.

Testing The Sidekick

Sidekick Portable Vaporizer
The Sidekick Portable Vaporizer Screen and Controls

After loading my Sidekick with some potent ground cannabis, I powered on the unit and set it to the sixth temperature setting. I turned on the Sidekick by holding the power button for two seconds, selecting your desired setting, and then pressing the power button once quickly to lock in the setting. The unit warmed up quickly, and in roughly half a minute I was able to start vaping using an initial setting of 5.5. The vapor uses 7th Floor’s Vortex technology, spinning the vapor in a vortex fashion in order to help cool it down. In combination with the mouthpiece extended a total of 11 inches, the vapor was quite cool and not overly harsh. A drawback of this system however is that despite the vapor being fairly smooth, I didn’t find that the Sidekick produced large clouds; instead I tended to have moderately sized but consistent puffs even on higher temperature settings. A cool feature of the Sidekick is a small dial included on the side of the herb chamber cap, and by rotating it a small metal rod turns your bowl without needing to open the heating chamber. Turning the bowl throughout my session, I found the Sidekick evenly cooked my cannabis, and I usually went up to setting 7 maximum for loose leaf, as anything higher tended to cook my cannabis a little too much for my liking.

The Sidekick’s Herb Chamber
The Sidekick’s Herb Chamber

The next test I tried was putting some oil on the included concentrates pad, and testing how the Sidekick performs with essential oils. After a warm up time of around 45 seconds on setting 8, I was greeted with some smooth tasting concentrates which packed a nice punch! I found the concentrates to be long lasting in the Sidekick, and near the end of my sessions I found myself kicking the heat up to 9 to finish off the last of the concentrates, feeling very satisfied once my session was over. An auto shutoff feature kicks in after seven minutes, and by then I generally found my sessions were pretty much near the end of the timer. The screen also displays the amount of time elapsed during your vape session, and this is great for knowing exactly how much time you have left to vape.

Battery Life

The Removable Battery Compartment & Sidekick’s 18635 Batteries
The Removable Battery Compartment & Sidekick’s 18635

The Sidekick uses two replaceable 18350 batteries rated at 800mAH for a total of 1600mAH, and the kit comes with a total of four batteries so you can easily swap low batteries while you’re on the go by simply sliding the small latch located at the bottom of the unit to remove the battery cover. To ensure battery longevity, its recommended that you use the batteries in dedicated pairs and not mix and match them. Although the batteries cannot be recharged within the Sidekick itself, the kit includes a dedicated battery charger which can charge up to two batteries at a time. It takes about an hour to fully charge a set of batteries, and a fully charged set should last you about forty minutes depending on what temperature setting you use.

Closing Thoughts

As a whole, the Sidekick portable vaporizer is a solid, well built device with plenty of great features to ensure that you have a premium vaping experience. The Sidekick performs well, and the ability to vape both loose leaf as well as essential oils makes it a versatile solution for fans of both styles of vaping. Finally,  the replaceable batteries ensure that the device should have great longevity all in a discreet and portable package! You can purchase a Sidekick portable vaporizer directly from 7th Floor Vapes!

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