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The Healthy Rips Fierce Vaporizer is expected to become one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market. But what do we know about it so far? 

Due for launch later this year, anticipation is building for the upcoming release of the Fierce vaporizer by Healthy rips. It’s already been reported that pre-order numbers for the Fierce have been impressive to say the least, so why are so many vapers so eager to get their hands on it?

It Has Great Spec

Opening up to an online forum some weeks prior to launch, the same team behind the Fury 2 vaporizer gave fans a sneak preview of their latest offering the Fierce.

For example, it has convection heating technology with single increment temperature control which for any vaping fan will be music to their ears. We all know that to get the maximum flavour to our desired strength and taste, temperature control is key. 

With one eye on the British and American market possibly, the team have also included the ability to swap between Celsius and Fahrenheit on the temperature too. 

The Battery Is Replaceable But Special

The continuing emerging stories of vaping pens and units exploding is of huge concern to every manufacturer, including the team at Healthy Rips. 

And so they have come up with their own solution that promotes the improved safety of the battery pack that is still user replaceable. The soft cell Lithium Polymer battery is soldered into the battery circuitry with a plastic battery pack that allows the user to change it when needed. 

And it’s not a pass-through charging device either so no, you can’t charge it whilst using because that really isn’t safe.  

Impressive Price Point

Perhaps recognising that not everyone needs or wants to buy the whole battery, charger, docking station and unit bundle.  

With pre-orders being taken, these are pretty accurate pricing figures although we are still waiting for the pounds sterling price. 

The Fierce Bundle starts at $199 (around £150) with the power bundle coming in at $229 (around £175). They are also offering a limited edition deluxe bundle which promises great value from a fantastic firm. 

For an extra $50, you get an impressive bundle of goodies in the deluxe kit including an extra battery, the charging dock, a glass bubbler, glass WPA, glass mouthpiece and shred grinder 2.25 edition.  

It Delivers Some Pretty Impressive Figures

As well as being priced at a fantastic point in the market, there are other impressive figures coming from this small piece of kit too. 

CBD Village UK

The Fierce vaporizer promises to heat up within 30 seconds with the battery lasting a full two hours at the top end of its operating temperature of 430°F (220°C). If you vape at a lower temp, this dry herb vaporizer will last a lot longer. 

And to charge from dead flat in its charging dock, you’ll only be waiting two hours, not bad for a battery that delivers the same amount of operational time.  

It’s Small But Mighty

It measures just under 3 inches tall, just over an inch in depth and just over 3 inches in width. And so that means, this almost square vaporizer from Healthy Rips fits nicely in the palm of the hand, or in a pocket or in your bag. 

It has a smoothish surface that allows for easy movement in the hand and the OLED display screen gives you all the information you need to control each and every vaping session. 

Sleek Design

Currently offering it in any colour as long as its black, the minimal and sleek design gives it a futuristic appearance. 

It also oozes quality with only the best materials being used such as borosilicate glass, stainless steel chamber and so on. 

It comes with a protective cover as well as handy extras such as dosing capsules. And it’s a hybrid unit too, dealing with oil and wax as well as dry herbs.  

Game Changer?

Every now and then the market is shaken by a new piece of kit that appeals to a wide range of people. And the Fierce vaporizer has all the ingredients to do just that;

  • Tested and tested again, it promises to be a safe piece of kit to use 
  • It pushes boundaries, introducing haptic feedback for example, as it vibrates when switching on and when it reaches the desired temperature 
  • Healthy Rips are offering a range of bundles at different price points, effectively placing it within reach of many more people than simply offering a ‘one size that doesn’t fit all’ approach.  
  • Lightweight and compact, its sleek design will be a hit with male and female uses with just enough gimmicks and features to make it the market leading dry herb vaporizer. 
  • Quality design and materials are not compromised for a quick gimmick.

Will you be getting your hands on the Fierce when it arrives on the market?

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