fruit vaporizer

While I was vaping and browsing the internet earlier, I came across this cool prototype vaporizer which can be grounded by using fruits.  Here’s the inventor’s explanation of how it works:

It’s actually pretty simple. The box in the back is a 30,000V DC transformer. (don’t worry, not too dangerous; the actual current flow is super, super low. Most vaporizers have extreme high voltages too) The return/ground lead is the green wire, the positive is the white wire.

When it’s on, that white wire will create a 1-2 inch spark to relieve the energy packed up in the capacitors. When holding the apple/banana, if that ground lead wasn’t there, it would all go to you (and yeah, it hurts…not awfully, but it is a shock!) so instead I stuck the ground into the apple/banana and it all goes through that instead.

Finally, when the arc hops from the white wire to the fruit (technically from the fruit to the white wire, but it doesn’t matter much) the electrons ionize the THC they pass through. And light some of it on fire, which was really the initial intention anyways.

banana vape
banana vape

Although the vape is pretty rough around the edges, it’s really awesome to see more and more hobbyists experiment with their own vaporizer creations. In the past I’ve posted a guide on how to make your own MFLB, and I might look into posting more DIY vape guides in the near future. Remember: always make sure to use heat-resistant materials in your construction, and be careful when working with electricity!

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