The Sublimator Kit
The Sublimator Kit

While perusing the internet for interesting vaporization technologies, I recently came across the Sublimator, a device which claims to go beyond standard vaporization and uses a process known as sublimation to extract THC and other psychoactive ingredients from your hash oil. Designed to be used with cannabis concentrate, The Sublimator

delivers the strongest hit meaning that it is designed to extract the most of all oils from your herbs in one single pass. This is not vaporisation as this process is too slow and only evaporates a narrow range of terpenoids and essential oils. The flash of hot air mixed with a hot environment just extracts everything.

The device is manufactured with stanless steel parts, and can be combined with a 14mm or 18mm bong to smooth out the experience. The Sublimator uses what the manufacturer calls the Apollo heating system, which induces sublimation by producing a whirlpool of hot and cool air within the atomizer. This process apparently produces an effect that fully extracts everything from your oil, similar to smoking it. In addition, the unit also recycles the sublimated air in order to maximize efficiency.

The Sublimator is being developed by a Canadian company, but is not yet available for purchase and there’s no word on pricing just yet. I’m very curious to learn more about the device, and I hope that it isn’t just vaporware (no pun intended!). I look forward to getting to try the Sublimator one day in order to compare how it stacks up to a traditional vaporizer.


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  1. Haha, good find! Must say, this does look absolutely ridiculous, but the concept is intriguing. Be sure to followup on this “Sublimator” and let us know how this crazy Canadian gizmo holds up!

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