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The FlashVape Vaporizer Kit

I recently noticed this thread on the FC forums which has been discussing a relatively new portable handheld vaporizer called the FlashVape. Manufactured with quality and cleaning ease in mind, the FlashVape has a durable ceramic heating element, a glass draw tube, and replaceable steel screens. It also has a swivel feature which allows it to be adjusted for both left and right-handed users (which is great for me since I’m a leftie!).

The FlashVape makes uses of high capacity lithium ion batteries as a power source, and the manufacturer claims that you can get about one hour of regular use out of the batteries (or 2-3 bowls on one charge). Although it has a shorter battery life than other handheld vapes such as the Arizer Solo, it still lasts significantly longer than the MFLB and has a very attractive price point ($130 at the time of writing). The vaporization chamber is 1″ in diameter and should be able to hold quite a bit of cannabis or other herbs.

From some of the user reports I’ve had the chance to read, the FlashVape has a very quick heat up time, and is highly efficient thanks a 3.2V power source. One user on the FC forums claims that

As for efficiency, I can guarantee that it is one of the MOST efficient vapes this size on the market. Press the stainless steel power on button for 5 seconds, and your done (just take a puff)! You don’t need to pre-heat, or press and hold forever while you draw… Also, this way you are not drawing in the heated air, as the vapor is already formed inside during the 5 “power on” seconds, and you are drawing in the dense vapor with fresh air through the side air intakes (the air path is completely clean, air enters the vape chamber directly through the side vents and is completely isolated from the electricals). It makes the draw that much more pleasant!

The FlashVape parts are designed to be cleaned with ease
The FlashVape parts are designed to be cleaned with ease

One downside to the FlashVape is that it lacks multiple temperature settings seen on more expensive portable units, which may be a downside if you like having complete control over your vaporization experience (or if you plan to vaporizer other herbs as well).

As someone who really loves the convenience of portable vaporizers, I look forward to giving the FlashVape a try so expect a review within the next few weeks here on VaporBlog!

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