Developed by a vaporizer company known as UpToke, the Spyre Vaporizer is a new style of portable which has been generating quite a lot of buzz around the web for its slim form factor and impressive features. In development for two years now, the Spyre can vaporize loose leaf, essential oils, and “concentrate cartridges” which are supposedly going to be released in the near future. I assume that cartridges will be available for purchase in places which have already legalized cannabis enabling you to easily swap out concentrate blends while on the go.

Coming Soon: The Spyre Portable
Coming Soon: The Spyre Portable

After taking a look at the Spyre site, the first thing that really struck me is that UpToke is boasting incredibly long battery life thanks to “a CPU regulated intelligent power delivery system [which] provides all day battery life, rapid reheat time, and quick charging via Micro-USB.” Currently even my favorite portables are limited by battery life (due to the high power usage involved in the vaporization process), so I’m excited to see if the Spyre’s battery truly can last all day and whether or not the high tech power system proves to be reliable. The battery itself is rated at 3000mAh with a claimed “300 puff charge capacity“.

Aside from the battery, another cool feature of the Spyre is that it has a built-in herb grinder as well as rapid heat up times of 190C (374 F) in 2.5 seconds thanks to its quartz heating element and thermristor temperature sensor. The grinder comes in especially handy since as I’ve mentioned before, vaporizers work best with ground herb (and carrying grinders around can be a nuisance). Furthermore, the Spyre appears to have a slim form factor (weighing only 120 grams), making is easy to carry while you’re on the go.

UpToke is also offering a generous five year warranty on the Spyre, and this type of warranty gives me piece of mind that they stand behind the quality of their product. I’ve been in touch with the friendly people over at UpToke, and so you can expect a review of the Spyre here on Vaporblog as soon as I receive on in the near future. The Spyre is expected to start shipping sometime in March 2014, so keep checking back for updates!

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