Silverman showing off her vape pen
Silverman showing off her vape pen

The 2014 Emmy Awards took place earlier this week, and it was quite a show for cannabis! According to the LATimes, Sarah

…initially showed off the outside of her tiny gold bag on E!’s “clutch cam,” which this year joined the network’s “mani cam” for the first time in giving viewers a closer look at stars’ nails and accessories. Giuliana Rancic then took Silverman’s bag from her and started rummaging around in it. 

You can read more details about the story here on the LaTimes website. Silverman wasn’t the only one to bring marijuana discussion into the mainstream, as a number of celebrities also spoke about (or alluded to) cannabis during this year’s awards. I’m not surprised that marijuana took center stage, as earlier this year celebrities musicians such as Childish Gambino have used vaporizers, and Lawrence Fishburne rocked an Arizer solo on the TV show Hannibal. by the looks of it in the photo Sarah might be using an Evo battery and some form of DIY liquid (likely a dispensary’s house blend), but if you know what model it is, please let me know in the comments!

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