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My non functional Ascents

[Edit: See my updated post here as the issues I was having have now been sorted out!]

As most of you know, the Davinci Ascent is one of my favorite portable vapes of all time (my Ascent review can be found here). Combining an all glass vapor path and digital temperature gauge with a portable and sleek design, the Ascent has great vapor production and I enjoy the effects quite a bit. However, as I’ve previously mentioned, I had battery issues after a few months with my first and second generation Ascents (they would turn on but fail to heat up). My third gen Ascent again suffers from faulty batteries and refuses to hold a charge. All the vapes were working fine up until three to four months of regular use and then failed spontaneously afterwards. I always make sure to take good care of my vapes (and regularly cleaning the Ascent) and have never dropped any of them, so I don’t think the issue is from my end.

Fortunately, Davinci does offer a two year warranty on their vaporizers,  so I will be eligible for a replacement unit once I get in contact with Organix (Davinci’s parent company, -I’ve had good experiences with them in the past regarding replacements). I’m also going to try and find out exactly what went wrong (as well as if the issue has now been fixed) and write about it in a followup post. Other than the battery issues, all three units have a solid build quality with fast warm up times.

Have you experienced problems with the Ascent? If so, feel free to contact me and share your experience!

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  1. I also had some trauble with my vape, first with the charger, and then with the heating structure, that sundendly (like 5 moths of regular use) stop to heat, men I am willing to paid for your broken vapes, how much do you want for them, I live in Colombia. send me an emai: to [email protected]

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