It has recently come to my attention that Montreal based Pharmacor Technologies (makers of the Inhalater) is conducting a survey regarding their Inhalater INH-04 portable vaporizer. If you’d like to provide Pharmacor with some helpful feedback in order to help improve future models, feel free to fill out the survey here (you can still do the survey even if you don’t have a 04!). It should only take a few minutes and you can skip any personal questions that you don’t want to answer.

Black Inhalater INH-05
Black Inhalater INH-05

In other news, Pharmacor released their next generation Inhalater last week. Known as the INH-05, the vape is super lightweight, highly discreet, and features a user-replaceable 18650 battery. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one this week (and have been loving it so far), so expect a review here on Vaporblog in the near future!

-James aka ‘Mr Vape’

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