firefly 2 coming soon
firefly 2 coming soon

I recently came across this post on Reddit which outlines a user’s experience getting to try out the next generation of the Firefly (review here!), the Firefly 2. According to the post, the user ‘applextrant’ was lucky enough to have a chance encounter with Firefly’s cofounder Mark Williams and was offered the chance to try a Firefly 2 Prototype! Below are two photos taken from applextrant’s Imgur album:

I enjoyed the tech behind the original Firefly, but found it to be quite heavy compared to other portables. Fortunately, according to applextrant “the first thing I noticed was how light it [Firefly 2] was compared to the Firefly 1. It immediately felt comfortable in my hands, as it has a decent weight distribution. In fact, the Firefly 2 is 55% lighter and 33% smaller than its predecessor, as it is now made out of a super strong but light magnesium alloy instead of version one’s aluminum body.”

Another cool thing mentioned is that ‘… the Firefly 2 can also be controlled with your smartphone. I regret not spending a little more time with the app, but by now I was significantly high and mainly concerned with its most important functionality: the ability to control heat settings. That’s right, you can use an app on a smartphone to control the temperature of a portable handheld vaporizer ranging from: Concentrates 500°, High 420°, Medium High 400°, Medium 380°, and Low 360° (temperatures in fahrenheit). My favorite setting was medium high”.

With a much lighter body and advanced new features, I’m quite excited to see if the Firefly 2 has the potential to really shake up the vape market once its released, and I’m currently working on sourcing a unit of my own to review for readers here on VaporBlog, so stay tuned!!

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