The Firewood 2 with removable herb trench

I recently came across this album on Imgur which shows development photos of a new version of the popular Firewood portable vaporizer. I’ve previously reviewed the first Firewood model here on Vaporblog, concluding that it is an affordable and high quality portable vaporizer with few downsides.

firewood 2 ringThe Firewood II appears to have a few new features which look to be promising, including a large removable glass herb trench (the original Firewood had a non-removable trench) as well as an o-ring to better seal the mouthpiece. I’m not sure if anything else has been upgraded, but the makers claim that the new Firewood produces quite a large amount of vapor.

I look forward to being able to try the Firewood II, comparing it to the original model to see if vapor production has improved as much as they claim. There’s no release date set just yet, but I’ll be keeping my eye on the project and posting updates here as I hear them!

The large glass bowl of the Firewood 2
The large glass bowl of the Firewood 2

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