I came across this photo of rapper Action Bronson next to a Volcano Vaporizer (review here!) while browsing cannabis related pictures on Imgur earlier today, and I got pretty excited to find out that Bronson is a fan of vaporizers! I always knew that he was a cannabis smoker (and uses a GPen as seen in this video), but I wasn’t aware that he also enjoyed to vaporize loose leaf too!

Action Bronson and the Volcano
Action Bronson and the Volcano

I’ve noticed that within the past few months, cannabis vaporizers have been soaring in popuarity amongst celebs, with Childish Gambino using a Pax, Snoop giving Conan a vaporizer, and Lawrence Fishburne’s sporting a Solo on NBC’s Hannibal. I think more and more people have been realizing that not only is vaping cleaner and more efficient than other methods of consuming cannabis (besides edibles, but I don’t like the buzz I get from them all that much!), but it also enables you to taste a wide range of flavors in your marijuana, and this is one of the main reasons why I continue to enjoy loose leaf vaporization myself!

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