3d printed vape dock

I recently came across this Imgur album which showcases some really cool 3D printed vape docks for the DaVinci Ascent (my review of it is here!). Unlike some portable vaporizers, the Ascent has a rounded bottom and can’t stand up on its own, so the docks actually have a practical purpose here (not too mention they look pretty darn awesome!). If any vapers out there have a 3D printer, I highly recommend trying to create some docks of your own!

vape dock
vape dock

I feel that as 3D printers become more commonplace, we’ll be seeing more and more of these kinds of custom vaporizer accessories. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find out much more about who made these awesome docks, but I plan to keep poking around and I’ll update this post when I have more info. If you know more about them (or have made accessories of your own), feel free to let me know in the comments!

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