The Gentleman Ambassador Vape Pen
The Gentleman Ambassador Vape Pen

As we enter the second month of 2014, I decided to write a little reflection on the state of the vaporizer industry and where I believe that it is headed. I’ve been using marijuana vaporizers for four years now, and have been blogging about them here on Vaporblog for nearly two years, so I’ve had the opportunity try a wide range of vaporizers and learn their unique quirks. With the radical shift in public opinion in regards to cannabis, I can’t help but feel that vaporizers will only continue to grow in popularity as more people learn the numerous benefits of using a vaporizer in place of smoking.

Portable vaporizers have been exploding in popularity in the past few years, and I expect the trend to continue in 2014 with companies releasing sleeker and more discreet portable options. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about vapor pens lately, and it looks like I’m going to be receiving a Gentleman’s Vapors vape pen in the next few days to test out (the Ambassador model). Although I’ve yet to try a vape pen (I do have experience with e-cigarettes however), they appear to be small, compact, and perform fairly well for both loose leaf and essential oils. Vape pens may be poised to become the preffered route of administration for medical marijuana patients when it comes to delivering their medicine, especially since are highly discreet and portable. In terms of other portable designs, I’m also currently waiting on the Firefly portable to arrive here soon (bear with me, there have been some delays!), and once I receive it I’ll begin to test it and see how it stacks up to other portables on the market. On the other hand, I am concerned about with vapor production quality and battery life with vape pens, so it will be interesting to put vape pens to the test.  Currently my second generation DaVinci Ascent is my favorite portable vaporizer, blending reliability, discreetness, and durability.

medical mmjAs for plug-in vaporizers, we’ve seen some new designs including The Sublimator and VapeXHale Cloud, but for the most part I’ve still found myself quite content with the performance of my Aromed 4.0 and Extreme Q, and they’ve really stood up well to several years of consistent use.

Furthermore, I’ve also been conducting some researching on how to develop an e-cigarette liquid which contains THC, and the process looks fairly straightforward with people having some promising results creating potent and effencient liquids. In the next few weeks I will be gathering the appropriate materials, and if everything works as well as I anticipate I will post an in-depth guide about it here on Vaporblog!

Happy Vaping and I wish all of you a great 2014!!
James (Mr. Vape)

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