My FlashVape Mini Water Bubbler
The FlashVape Waterpipe

A little while ago I reviewed the FlashVape, an affordable (yet a slightly bulky) portable vaporizer designed to create large amounts of vapor. Just recently, I was able to obtain an interesting accessory for the FlashVape, a mini water bubbler. Rather than simply act as a bong adapter like The Ascent’s water tool, the FlashVape mini water bubbler is designed to be a portable mini bong that you can use anywhere.

The mini bubbler is designed to be attached to your FlashVape using thin silicone tubing which is provided. This tubing enables you to move the vaporizer and bubbler around quite a bit without the rigidity that portable glass bong adapters have. After connecting everything together, I let my FlashVape heat up and took a few puffs. The bubbler works quite well given its size, but its small form factor also means that the vapor is not as cool as it could be if you were to use a full sized bong. The bubbler is very portable to transport around in a bag, but when in use it isn’t very subtle, so don’t expect to be able to use it in busy public places.

FlashVape portable vaporizerThe bubbler is made out of durable acrylic, and although this makes it much more portable and durable than a glass alternative, it also has the downside of not being able to be cleaned using high proof alcohol. Instead I recommend soaking it in warm soapy water from time to time for a few minutes, and then scrubbing the base of the bubbler followed by running a pipe cleaner through the stem a few times to remove any excess resin.

After having tried a few different types of vapour bong adapter setups on both portable and plug in vaporizers, I feel that the FlashVape mini water bubbler is an interesting portable vaporizer accessory which does help cool down the vapor coming from your unit while you’re on the go. However, the compact portable design means because of its small water reservoir, the vapor is not as cool as it would be if you attached a real bong, and it is not as discreet. Despite this, it is definitely an improvement over using a straight vapor path.

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