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Totem is a dry herb vaporizer brand, featuring the current flagship model aptly named the Totem Vaporizer.

This well-made device has a unique design and comprehensive set of features that provide a rewarding vaping experience.

The most innovative aspect of the Totem is that is stackable with other Totems. As such, it has the ability to connect chambers for maximum flexibility and double the vaping power.

Major features

The Totem has impressive functionality and a unique design that gives it a distinct advantage over other portable dry herb vaporizers. The major features include:

A Functional & Robust Design

The Totem has a practical and intuitive design. The device is easy to handle, can withstand the demands of everyday use and benefits from being stackable with other Totem vaporizers. As a result, it enables the user to fully customize the vaping experience for ultimate pleasure.

Customization of Flavor

The Totem vaporizer has a stainless steel vapor path for longer vapes. This works well with the stackable design since multiple Totem connections can be used to perfect the herb flavor. The Totem also uses both the convection and conduction method to ensure pure vapes and top-notch flavor. Cooler or hotter settings can be modified on stacked Totems to gain a cooler or warmer vaping experience.

Water Resistant

Another nifty feature of the Totem vaporizer is the fact it is resistant to water. Although the device is not designed for long-term use in water, it is splash-proof and can withstand being submerged for a short period of time. This is ideal for outdoor use where heavy rain is forecast.

Long-Lasting Battery

Despite the Totem being relatively small, it features a long-lasting battery that can be completely recharged within around 2 hours. This gives the user approximately 60 minutes of vaping time, depending on the level of temperature selected. Hotter settings will demand more battery power.

Four temperature controls

One of the advantages of the Totem is that it provides good customization options in terms of temperature. The device has four temperature options that can be selected within seconds. These include 330F, 380F, 400 F, and 420F.

Ease of Use

The Totem is intuitive and easy to use. The device can be used with only one button. This controls all the functionality of the vaporizer, from turning on the device, selecting the temperature, to indicating the charging procedure.

How to Operate The Totem Vaporizer

The Totem vaporizer is simple to operate and can produce pure herb flavor within minutes. To operate the Totem, follow the instructions below:

  • Load the Totem with dry herb – To load the vaporizer, first remove the bottom cap to access the oven chamber, then fill this with a dry herb mixture.
  • Ensure air flow – Before turning on the device, adequate air must be available. Ensure the air plug is open prior to switching on.
  • Turn on the device – To activate the Totem, press and hold the power button for three seconds. This will select the lowest temperature option.
  • Modify the temperature (if required) – To change the heating temperature on the Totem, press the power button again to switch between the four options. Keep pressing the power button to cycle through the heat settings.
  • Experiment with stacking – The Totem can operate either as a single vaporizer, a double vaporizer with a larger vape or in “smooth mode”, which delivers a longer air path. This involves stacking two Totems but only filling the first device with herb. For a larger hit, fill two chambers with dry herb.
  • Turning off the Totem – To switch off the Totem vaporizer, just hold the power button down for three seconds. To switch back on, hold the button down again for three seconds.

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