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It has recently come to my attention that ThermoVape, makers of many popular styles of herbal vaporizers, is now taking pre-orders for a new portable vaporizer called the Cera.

According to ThermoVape, the Cera is;

A revolutionary new device that builds off of our existing technology and expands vaporizer technology to a new level. The Cera is a device that is built from an advanced ceramic that is not only as clean as glass, but is far more durable. It provides ultimate peace of mind, and is also built to last a lifetime.

The Cera Features

The Cera will be available for purchase in two different styles for herbal vaporizing, loose leaf and essential oils. I’m looking forward to seeing the loose leaf, as ThermoVape has made the following claims regarding The Cera on their blog;

  • The Cera chamber size has been reduced slightly relative to the T1 and the geometry of the chamber has been optimized for consistently even vaporization, as well as to maximize the efficiency of the Cera.
  • 500% Increase in Battery Life.
  • Completely stir-free design. No need to stir or mix in between inhalations.
  • Improved performance and efficiency of our industry leading convection vaporizer technology


Expect to see The Cera shipping in time for the Christmas holiday season in early December. I look forward to posting a review once I get my hands on it.

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